Virgo ( August 22 – September 22 ) Full Horoscope


Personality traits, in love, friendship & more



Symbol: The Virgin

Dates: August 22 – September 22

Element: Earth

Modality: Mutable

Ruling planet: Mercury


  • Needs to feel useful
  • Has a quick fix for everything
  • Judgmental, but with good intentions
  • Exceptional spatial awareness
  • A million ideas per second


  • Fred Hampton
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Agatha Christie
  • Mary Shelley
  • D. H. Lawrence
  • Georges Bataille
  • Antonin Artaud
  • Marsha P. Johnson


  • Hot librarian
  • Tupperware for other people’s messes
  • Walking encyclopedia
  • Human GPS
  • One-person welcome committee

About Virgo


Virgos are known for being fussbudgets. Clean monstrosities. They are known for their meticulousness. They can discover designs where there are none. They can be finicky and basic to say the least.

The facts demonstrate that Virgos are specific, yet that doesn’t really imply that they keep perfect spaces. Their particularities and propensities don’t really agree with customary perspectives on neatness. They could live in what resembles a Tasmanian fiend style dust storm ruin, yet force a “no shoes in the house” or “no external garments on the bed” rule. Possibly their home looks jumbled, however they actually realize where everything is. Everything has its place.

Virgos like to exist in coordinated spaces, yet put their administration direction over their own solace. This can imply that a Virgo is too bustling fixing the existences of everyone around them to place a lot of work into accommodating their own requirements. They’re once in a while spurred by their own personal responsibility.

Virgos are likewise known for being canny, but since of their thoughtful nature they can some of the time experience difficulty putting themselves out there. Conversing with them may want to skim on the outside of presence, and like no one can really tell they’re’s opinion and feeling somewhere inside.

Their accentuation on considerations and thoughts can appear to be a concealment for their absence of passionate profundity. As a general rule, they are a fort unto themselves—the meaning of self-control. Virgos will be interminably tolerating of whatever you need to share, however may not see the worth in suddenly playing out a comparable exhuming of themselves for any other person.


To be content, Virgos need to feel like they’re being helpful. They feel useful by adding to an option that could be bigger than themselves. This is the way they infer self-esteem. To feel like they have esteem, they need to feel required.

Virgos effectively search out wrecks—physical, relational, passionate—to fix them.They like dealing with occupied minimal in the background assignments that make life run all the more easily for everybody. They need to continue to go at max throttle, since, supposing that they delayed down, the unfurling mayhem of the world finds them and their heads are loaded up with steady nervousness.

Fixing outside confusion occupies them from their own inside wrecks. It’s this interior problem that Virgos are continually running from, giving themselves wholeheartedly to the Sisyphean assignment of being the world’s dustpan.

Virgos need a feeling of direction and accomplishment. They love defining objectives and marking things off their plans for the day. What satisfies them is the inclination that they’re having an effect, or possibly attempting to.


Virgos are by and large unassuming individuals. They need to feel recognized for their commitments, yet they don’t require bombastic tokens of appreciation to feel significant. They are little masters. They notice the subtleties. Virgo knows when their toothbrush has been moved even a centimeter.

Virgos are unreliable about the way that they’re not awesome. They’re mindful that their activities have outcomes, and that they can, on occasion, be liable for their own torment. This is the reason you’ll frequently hear them making statements like “It’s my shortcoming,” and “I did this to myself.”

Virgos are the strict exemplification of the middle age logician who lives in a sterile cell, always failing to open the entryway for dread that individuals will get a brief look at the wreck inside. Their witticism is “to save myself from myself, I should initially obliterate myself.” What they need is an unadulterated, clean presence.

They should be the awesome feel deserving of their reality. They can be so fixated on their own picture of flawlessness, that they put some distance between their actual motivations. They curb their sentiments by securing them away request to accomplish a condition of impassivity.

They can appear to be definitely more sane than they truly are. Their sentiments are by and large an incredible secret to them. They feel such countless things so profoundly, however they generally don’t have a clue how to discuss it. The lone way they can communicate the unspeakable is through dry mockery.

Virgo in Love, Sex, and Romance

This is generally pertinent to Virgo Venus and Mars, however Virgo Suns may relate to certain attributes.

The most effective method to SEDUCE VIRGO

Leave your telephone some spot self-evident, and shout noisily that you’ve lost it.

While they assist you with finding your telephone, nonchalantly notice your energy for getting into a bed with warm sheets straight from the clothing.

At the point when they welcome you over, praise them on their desire for mid-century current furnishings, and the specific plan they’ve picked.


There’s an appealing thing about somebody who is so methodical and inflexible. Virgos have exceptionally characterized styles, less to arrive at some sort of excellence standard, however to mollify their own norms. They are worried about well being and make propensities and assumptions around it. They are extremely reproachful of themselves.

They are careful with regards to their appearance. They like to look great. Their web-based media is curated. Their wardrobes are coordinated. Their bodies are conditioned. They’re picture cognizant in a manner that includes a chiseling of their physical being, and a refinement of the introduction of oneself.


It takes Virgos some time to experience passionate feelings for. They for the most part don’t prefer to submit themselves to enormous influences of enthusiasm. They like to have power over their world, and the passionate force reflects the sensation of mayhem.

Virgos will in general be more negative about affection than others. They’re pessimistic about sentimentalism. They realize that adoration is a whimsical, delicate, transient thing. They presume that affection probably won’t be genuine by any means. However, when a Virgo at last feels love, it’s not simply love—it resembles a homecoming. It resembles they’ve at long last discovered where they should be. It resembles they figured out how to cherish themselves.

The genuine issue is that Virgo is searching for an encounter outside of the real world. Something that isn’t achievable in the material world. They accept that the affection they’re after exists on some higher plane. Furthermore, they’re not off-base. It’s simply that how they go about it is somewhat imperfect.

Dislike Virgo is unequipped for discovering love, it’s simply that they’re glancing in some unacceptable spot. The genuine love they’re searching for is within themselves. They need to figure out how to adore themselves. They need to make themselves the focal point of their universe. They need to comprehend that they are deserving of affection.


Regardless of their self-pronounced compulsiveness, Virgos can be drawn to a wide assortment of individuals. Virgos are not shallow. They can discover the excellence in things that a great many people would excuse as unappealing.

At first, a Virgo may be attracted to somebody since they are attempting to satisfy some need in themselves. They may get drawn to a craftsman since they need to be imaginative.

Virgos tend to be attracted to individuals who are marginally unsteady. It’s generally in light of the fact that they need to assemble these individuals back. Obviously, they generally feel they have the ability to take advantage of the most profound passionate certainties of someone else.

This conviction is the thing that makes them so attractive. However, this conviction is likewise regularly the wellspring of their torment. This regularly gets them in circumstances where they get exploited, or feel like they must be somebody’s just guardian angel. Their connections can begin to feel value-based.


Virgos are burdened with a ridiculous measure of assumption. Their affection lives are frequently wild since Virgos will in general be excessively condemning of others. They’re not in any event, attempting to be mean, they simply feel committed to bring up the defects in others.

At the point when they discover somebody that they like, they begin envisioning how wonderful their adoration could be and over the long haul, they start to conflate the capability of the relationship with the genuine relationship. The disastrous the truth is that everybody has imperfections. Virgos will in general be significantly more keen on things and thoughts than they are individuals and sentiments. Accordingly, they can get effortlessly exhausted and quickly drawn offtrack. Their hearts are deteriorated by their heads.

Virgo in Friendship


The primary Virgo foe is themselves. The second is squander—sat around, squandered materials, squandered space, squandered energy. Virgos are effectiveness addicts.


Virgos are generally cautious about who they warm up to. They’re exceptionally specific about the organization they keep. They search for individuals who are merciful and kind. They will in general float towards others who are not kidding and scientific. Virgos frequently appreciate being around individuals who are similarly intrigued by personal development and scholarly request.

They are especially acceptable at offering guidance. They are inborn issue solvers. Virgos are entirely reliable as companions since they are fastidiously honest. They thoroughly consider things prior to acting. They contemplate others’ feelings. They are touchy to the condition of the relational climate. They are the sort to call you to ask how they can deal with assistance when they realize you’re going through a difficult stretch.

They can once in a while be exceptionally critical. This is on the grounds that their inner speech is continually going. They’re generally keeping watch for indications of affectation or unfairness. From one perspective, this makes them insightful and great at recognizing defects in rationale or character. Be that as it may, it can likewise make them skeptical and pessimistic.

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