Taurus (♉︎) April 19 – May 20


Personality traits, in love, friendship & more



Symbol: The Bull

Dates: April 19 – May 20

Element: Earth

Modality: Fixed

Ruling planet: Venus


  • Just wants to cuddle
  • Homebody
  • All or nothing, no in between
  • Wears the same outfit everyday
  • Hates big changes


  • Karl Marx
  • Malcolm X
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • William Shakespeare
  • James Brown
  • Grace Jones
  • Mr. T
  • John Waters


  • Hermit in the woods
  • Wall to bump up against
  • Food blogger
  • Sleep study participant
  • Sweatpants model

About Taurus


Taureans are what could be compared to greenery. A hand tailored wooden seat. They are regularly happy with the state of affairs. They typify solidness. Sitting in a fix of grass respecting the breeze. When all the other things is by all accounts self-destructing, Taureans are a desert garden of quiet, a stone of constancy. Reasonable information and experience is their business as usual.

Taureans are arranged around the actual world. They will in general be grounded and legitimate. They love routine and they’re focused on their own solace. They like to be in charge. They’re patient and consistent, and their realism is an expansion of their quest for strength.

When they get into a furrow, it’s hard for them to receive in return. Article moving stays moving. Item very still stays very still. Keen to magnificence. Receptive to actual delight. They like things to be unsurprising. They are completely cheerful eating a similar feast again and again, or wearing a similar outfit for seven days in a row. They would favor things be reliable than tumultuously great. They like to find what they have a good time doing, and afterward do it to the limit.

Tauruses have a great quality about them. They are smooth and constant workers. They can be difficult, hard-headed, and stuck in a rut, yet they are likewise incredible audience members and truly trustworthy.

Taurus can totally go on until the end of time. They never feel exhausted. They resemble machines. What’s more, regardless of what they toss at them, they will unavoidably conquer their impediments since they’ve effectively ready for each possibility. They are the hand-constructed truck that won’t ever stall. They are the tactical armor carrier that won’t ever tear.


Taureans’ terrible attributes have to do with their materialistic proclivities. Here and there they are excessively resolved to make material progress. They are not invulnerable to eagerness. They can be impassive to the necessities of others in the event that they are propelled to accomplish their own objectives.

Taureans don’t react to analysis. Not even that they adversely respond to it, however it’s practically similar to they are made of concrete, and any criticism simply skips directly off. They don’t move.

Taurus are obstinate. They’re not going to do something they would prefer not to do. They’re delayed to alter their perspectives since change compromises their feeling of security. They can turn out to be so set in their standard that they get excessively familiar and dismiss the main thing. Taurus can turn out to be genuinely and truly apathetic.

They can get difficult and determined, and struggle tuning in to others. They can resemble a bull, stuck in the mud, unfit to see the master plan. They are delayed to act, and might be too up to speed at the time to see the potential for something greater. They can likewise be crazy, particularly when they are youthful. Battles with over-extravagance in indecencies. Doesn’t know balance. When they choose they like something, they bet everything.

Taurus in Love, Sex, and Romance

This is generally applicable to Taurus Venus and Mars, however Taurus Suns may relate to certain attributes.

Step by step instructions to SEDUCE A TAURUS

Welcome them to a cookout in a segregated forest. Ensure the spread is significant and the wine is top notch.

Say the words “I’m simply searching for somebody to settle down with.”

Move in with one another following fourteen days of dating.


Taureans aren’t thoughtless with their fondness. They experience passionate feelings for with extra special care. They have exceptionally unmistakable inclinations. At the point when they do become hopelessly enamored, things get genuine generally rapidly and keep going for quite a while. They for the most part know their own personalities and are bound to become hopelessly enamored on the grounds that it feels right instead of as a result of a self-assertive “they’re adorable” reason.

Their adoration life is established in an establishment of appreciation and veneration. Taurus are exceptionally mindful of their loved ones, and they particularly appreciate considering them. They don’t say “I love you” regularly, on the grounds that they would prefer to show you. It is difficult for them to leave somebody they love. They will not leave effectively and rather attempt to work things out all that can be expected.


Taureans are not especially expressive, however they don’t shroud their sentiments. They show their adoration truly, they’re less ready to communicate things with their words. Taurus some of the time experience issues communicating their feelings, so they project a cruel outside to conceal their affectability. They may appear to be coldhearted toward the place of savagery. In the event that they don’t esteem themselves, they don’t esteem others.


Taureans are drawn to individuals who cause them to have a sense of security and agreeable. Taurus are drawn to viable individuals. Individuals that can take into account the requirements that a Taurus may have. An individual’s qualities should line up with the upsides of Taurus. They search out individuals that esteem and like basic delights.

Taurus are drawn to individuals who are trustworthy and solid. They will probably be killed by an individual who is continually fluttering around the room or who appears to be crazy. They like individuals who are fit for being loose. They are exceptionally drawn to individuals who have a serious level of actual appeal. They are killed by individuals who aren’t also dressed as they are, and who may seem as they don’t mind what they resemble. They are frequently drawn to individuals who cook, and like a home-prepared supper.

Taurus are faithful, however they likewise expect faithfulness back. They are simply able to put resources into connections that have a firm establishment. They don’t do easygoing. They don’t do silly. They are likewise drawn to individuals that are independent. They don’t will in general be accommodating people, and they have a considerable amount of pride. They will in general accept that they are sufficient, and don’t have to look for approval from others.

Taurus in Friendship


Taurus don’t have fits, yet they do have quite a low stew. They are delayed to bubble, however when they do, they make a great deal of clamor and can leave annihilation afterward. Taurus tends to let the entirety of their outrage, disdain, and sharpness rot and occasionally detonate into obliterating upheavals. A Taurus’ temper is comparable to their mind-set.

At the point when they’re feeling acceptable they will manage most circumstances with a proportion of tolerance and quiet that can be astounding to individuals who don’t know them well. In any case, when they’re feeling awful, they will be somewhat snarly. They have a low capacity to bear latent hostility. On the off chance that somebody is burning through their time, they’ll disclose to them that they’re burning through their time.


Taurus is companions with everybody. They’re really not extremely particular about who they warm up to. In the event that somebody is pleasant to them, they’re their companion. They tend to meet up with individuals who share their inclinations and personalities. They don’t really frame coteries, yet they have an intrinsic comprehension of who they’ll be viable with. In the event that they don’t know about a renewed individual, they’ll give them the reality to sort out on the off chance that they’re deserving of their time. Taurus are delayed to pass judgment.

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