June 2021 Monthly Horoscope



The universe and everything in it is permeated by energy and you have yours now. You now have the energy, desire and good timing to gain attention or to attract others to you. Advance your ideas and position by taking the initiative. Watch that you are not being pushy and self-centered, however. If you are a timid Aries or feel sluggish, eat hot spicy foods—ginger, chili peppers, wasabi mustard. They stimulate what in yoga is called your “Mars chakra,” helping you activate your inner fire and make the best of this auspicious time.


Refreshing rains replenish thirsty earth as this month’s solstice makes an auspicious aspect to your Taurus Sun. As this solstice occurs amidst profound celestial energy, this time can revive you. You are more able to drink in fresh psychic currents that flow from the depth of your being. Use this month to restore your soul. Take it easy and relax. Retreats that include water therapies—Jacuzzis, float tanks (sensory deprivation in salt water) or hot springs would be ideal. Take a beach vacation. Drink more water. Renew intimacy with those you have put on hold.


This month’s solar eclipse fortifies your Gemini Sun like a high protein meal. This is your most powerful and effective intellectual time of the year as Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Pluto add strength to your mental process. You have greater clarity of perception, thought and communication. You can successfully engage in challenging conceptual thinking, conversation, debate or selling. Show your bright mind. Don’t waste a fine opportunity by being mentally lazy. Think. Read. Learn. Write. Talk. Try Ginkgo Biloba or any other mind enhancing supplements that improve memory or stimulate healthy brain function.


This month’s solstice is one of the most restorative and healing times in memory forCancer. As the solstice energy mixes with the waters of Mars and Uranus in Pisces, it infuses you with renewed psychic and emotional energy. This is a highly fertile time, one that brings the birth of new elements into your life. If you want to get pregnant, now may be the time. Who, what and where restores you? Take time for these things. Heal family wounds through compassion and sensitivity—the system gets stirred but also healed. Tender acts towards others transform.


Periodically Leos must die to their ego to find their true spirit. If your old life is dying and another struggling to be born, you have help now from 4 midwives— Jupiter, Neptune, Venus and Mercury. They’ll assist you to let go, transform and transcend. Fresh starts are favored this month. Get rid of what no longer serves you. Shine your big-hearted Leo light, as the world needs it most now. Bless others with messages of faith and hope. Try Sunflower and Borage from the California flower essence* line to strengthen your positive spirit and courage.


“Carpe Diem” (Seize the day), Virgo, as Saturn now helps to strengthen your position. Saturn makes an auspicious aspect to your Sun, especially for those born the last week of August. This influence acts like the reinforcing bars in concrete and supplies you with the raw material to build a stronger foundation for your future. Nothing is given. What you accomplish now is earned. Work with discipline and patience. Take on your most demanding projects, especially those that depend on your leadership and your own personal effort. As this influence favorably affects your health, make improvements to your diet or overall lifestyle, and to strengthening your body.


Beauty = Attraction = Love. All these principles connect to Venus, your ruling planet, and especially this month as she ascends to sweetly touch five other planets. You more easily tap into your sensual, affectionate and loving Libran nature, stimulating your inherent romantic side and yearning for divine union. Any relationship that begins now is likely blessed by the Goddess. Be loving. Be receptive. Express your heart. Enhance your pleasure. Deepen intimacy with massage, fantasy or indulgence. Buy The Art of Sexual Ecstasy by Margo Anand to learn sacred lovemaking techniques. The world needs lovers now.


Scorpios are the most deeply receptive of any sun sign. With the upcoming solstice, you are in your most receptive listening mode, tuned to the deepest possible realms. Healing dreams, revelations, and encounters with divine messengers are possible. Dreams or encounters with water spirits—dolphins, frogs, fish, have powerful personal messages now. The deepest part of your soul reveals itself. Be quiet and listen to the subtle as the Gods speak to you now. Pay attention to synchronicities and symbols, especially those of water. Learn about the alchemical process of solutio as a rich metaphor for you to understand your nature.


Most alchemical treatises begin with the process of calcinatio, the intense heating of a solid to drive off excess water and impurities. This June 2021 is a propitious time to reflect upon the intense and purifying fire you have recently endured. This is a fine time to reflect upon your spiritual purpose—as a Sagittarius—to be a catalyst to yourself and others. Reflect on the element of Fire as Spirit, Eros, Sun, Mountain, King, Gold and Purification. Build, light, gaze and tend fires—fire-pits, fireplaces or a simple candle will do. Rededicate yourself now to your renewed spiritual vision.


Magicians must be good astrologers to know when genuine magic can happen. Capricorn has such a time this June as Saturn, your ruling planet, makes its most auspicious contact with Uranus . You have the ability to successfully seed an intention within the hour suggested. Or concentrate then upon an important matter that has been stuck and needs to move forward with creative change. Watch what happens. Study the art of magic, as all you need now is the knowledge of an effective technique and the will to use it.


Magic is at hand for Aquarius as well. You approach one of your most propitious cycles of 2022 especially for those born the last two weeks of January. This month’s Solar Eclipse makes its positive aspects to your Sun and to Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter. This celestial pattern acts like a cosmic “mental attractor” pulling the future toward you. You now have stronger imaginal power to specifically envision and seed your future. Empower your dreams with strong intention. Make a collage of words and images that you would like to see manifest for yourself. See this in your mind’s eye. Study this collage. See this vision drawing toward you. Stretch into its possibilities.


Earth to Pisces! This month’s solstice powerfully conjoins Saturn to help you feel more grounded and comfortable in your body. Neptune-ruled Pisces sometimes have a hard time accepting earth life. Have you noticed how you yearn to escape into other dimensions? This yearning is good for your spiritual and artistic life but creates suffering, as you feel imprisoned in matter. Concentrate on how you root yourself to the earth. Practice grounding exercises: stamp your feet. Drum. Eat root vegetables. Sit on the earth. Hug a tree. Garden. Work your hands in clay or through a bowl of soil. Start a regime to strengthen your body.

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