Capricorn (December 21 – January 20) Full Horoscope


Personality traits, in love, friendship & more


Symbol: The sea goat

Dates: December 21 – January 20

Element: Earth

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling planet: Saturn


  • Full grown adult since age six
  • The responsible friend
  • Motivated by duty
  • Takes a while to warm up to people
  • Represses any emotion that gets in the way of success


  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Timothee Chalamet
  • Michelle Obama
  • Dolly Parton
  • Mao Zedong
  • Hayao Miyazaki
  • Edgar Allan Poe


  • Accountant
  • Lawyer
  • Landlord
  • Sisyphus
  • Elementary school hall monitor

About Capricorn


Capricorns aren’t devoured by the requirement for consideration, yet are not insusceptible to it. They just don’t enjoy consideration looking for conduct. They don’t need consideration for their looks or style or resourcefulness. They would prefer not to be appreciated, however they would like to be regarded. They would prefer not to be the focal point of consideration. Rather it resembles they need to demonstrate their own capacities to themselves.

Capricorns are continually rivaling themselves. They do need acclaim, however. Not hero worship, simply acclaim. Commendation is a straightforward affirmation of a job done the right way. Acclaim is a gesture of congratulations. They utilize this as approval to make up for general sensations of ineptitude and mediocrity. They drive through difficulty with blinders on until they arrive at progress.


Capricorns are experts of order. The wringing of the hands, the consistent updates, the demanding design, the always expanding objectives, the tsunami of self-analysis that keeps going forever. They are a definitive fussbudget. They can be so invested in their own interior talk that it gets difficult to move them to turn away from themselves. Capricorns are regularly called “obsessive workers.”

They are inconceivably even minded. They are rule supporters with an exceptionally evolved moral compass. Since early on it is presented for them that their entire feeling of worth and significance depends on their capacity to dig in and power their way to the completion. This transforms them into accomplishment addicts. Their drive to succeed is an impression of their dread of disappointment. The most unpleasant time in a Capricorn’s life is the point at which they question their own power. At the point when a Capricorn is in a place of force, they are generally steady. At the point when they’re set in where they need to oblige another person’s plan, they can turn into somewhat unhinged.

Capricorns gather obligation. Also, they generally appear to take everything on. Capricorns should be the one to fix everything. Duty is their regular state. They have a “can do” mentality. They are the saints and the heroes. They are the watchmen and the adjudicators. The group commanders. The head of bosses. The general. The pioneer. Yet, even as they lead the charge, Capricorns can feel like the loneliest individuals on the planet. They wish to be totally independent, and are frightened of relying upon others.

Capricorn in Love, Sex and Romance

This is generally applicable to Capricorn Venus and Mars, however Capricorn Suns may relate to certain qualities.

Step by step instructions to SEDUCE A CAPRICORN

It’s anything but a Capricorn some time to foster a pulverize. You’ll presumably need to turn into their dearest companion and drop inconspicuous clues gradually throughout the years until one day they understand that they were enamored with you from the beginning.

Get Married.


Capricorns make a decent attempt to be acceptable at whatever they endeavor. This can be impartial, perhaps mechanical. They may see sex as a numerical statement. Marginally separated from animalistic propensities, yet for the most part receptive to analysis.

Sex and sentiment are viewed as a round of contest. Sex isn’t a period for seeking after sentiments, but instead a talent based contest. In the round of adoration, the champ is dictated by the capacity of one individual to satisfy the other individual’s dream. Capricorns are modern sweethearts that have an excellent of humor and ability to be delicate and sustaining when the circumstance calls for it. They are delayed to lose intrigue and can be excessively serious on occasion.


Capricorns don’t experience passionate feelings for without any problem. It regularly requires some exertion. Love is tied in with making a legitimate passionate venture. They don’t care for feeling genuinely reliant upon any other individual so they regularly stay away. They can be abnormal around sentiment. They can be off-kilter around communicating their sentiments. It’s anything but some time to comprehend what their sentiments are. Their heartfelt endeavors are practically non-romantic organizations.

They probably won’t communicate their warm gestures plainly, yet Capricorns are very nostalgic. They esteem family, custom, and steadiness. They need to view life appropriately. They need to assemble something genuine.

Capricorns need to be answerable for something, and that is the most cozy demonstration of all. Love is the final product of this profound longing. It’s anything but an approach to make a responsibility.

Their enthusiastic development can be found in their capacity to tackle their baser sentiments into something productive. Their restrained nature is a need notwithstanding crude, carnal sexual longing. To realize a Capricorn is to realize that they’re grounded, however that doesn’t mean they aren’t delicate to the glow of someone else’s touch. It simply implies that they can handle it.


Capricorns don’t need your wreck. They appreciate others who are independent, who rouse them somehow or another. Capricorns are spurred by regard. They are attracted to individuals who give them the feeling that they know something, or who have an extraordinary comprehension of some esoteric corner of the world. They will be dazzled on the off chance that you can address specialized subtleties or philosophical issue easily. They will discover you charming in the event that you can examine the most recent advancements in the music business or the workmanship world. They will be profoundly fascinated in the event that you can converse with them about the historical backdrop of the American political framework or the most recent discoveries of quantum physical science.

Capricorns need to be the one to start to lead the pack, since they want to control and order a circumstance. They need to coordinate the scene. They aren’t drawn to individuals who’re a tad running wild side. They’re considerably more intrigued by individuals who are protected, not excessively enthusiastic or sensational. Individuals who are all the more balanced. Capricorns are drawn to individuals who share similar qualities as them, or if nothing else regard those qualities.

Capricorn in Friendship


Capricorns are eager and have a “drive yourself to succeed” hard working attitude that can regularly annoy others. However, they do have their delicate side. They can be profoundly enthusiastic under the shiny facade of their “adulting.” They are mindful and have a delicateness that gets covered in the rough landscape of their outside. They are unsocial by plan, not essentially.

They are useful. It might seem as they don’t actually think often about their companions’ sentiments, yet they will do anything they can to help them succeed. They would prefer not to be inefficient with their assets, and consider what every one of their activities will mean for what’s to come.

Capricorns are likewise genuinely reliable. They will be there for you when you need them, and you can be sure that they will not go crazy on you. They realize that being trustworthy is an honorable gesture.


Capricorns are unfathomably steadfast companions and expect as much from others. Capricorns have a significant requirement for security. They like design and redundancy. They need to realize what’s in store in steady, planned additions. They need to realize that their current circumstance is dependable.

Capricorns need reason in all that they do, and will just devote themselves to individuals, tasks, and thoughts that spin around their qualities. In the event that their rationale is problematic, they will won’t be related with a circumstance.

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