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There are so many reasons to turn your website into an mobile app, as follows:

  • A native app offers better Experience. It allows users to set up their preferences at the start, thereby enhancing the user’s experience.
  • Send push notification, also in-app notifications are easier with a web app.
  • Mobile device features like GPS, contact list, etc. can be use better with a mobile app.
  • Native mobile apps typically offer limited functionalities when there is no internet connection, and it is an advantage.
  • Mobile navigation designs has be very attractive, this is another advantage of a mobile app.
  • A Mobile user spend 90% of their mobile time on apps. You can tap into this is an advantage with a mobile app.
  • Offer it is well designed, a web application will work faster than a website opening on mobile phones.
  • Another positive fact of mobile is app is offline capability. Once mobile app download you no need internet to run most contents.
  • Smartphones are the present and future of the technologies.
  • An app put your website in front of current users and potential .
  • An app makes it easy for your audience to enjoy and share your content with other users.
  • Apps increase audience engagement and retention and Push notifications are one of the most valuable tools of mobile apps, boasting an open rate of 90%.
  • Push Notifications is higher than any other live communication method currently available.
  • A website is global, But an app is local.
  • App is stored on an individual’s phone with its corresponding data, settings, and login information with passwords.
  • App had the potential to track and remember a person interaction and setting, allowing the user to maximize their own experience.
  • Apps also make sharing easy.
  • A Good app will be optimized to work seamlessly with other popular applications, such as Facebook, Twitter and Whats App.
  • A Mobile app will allow your users to send your content to their social media networks and other contacts, drive more traffic and new users to your website.

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