Scorpio (October 23 – November 22) Full Horoscope


Personality traits, in love, friendship & more


Symbol: The scorpion

Dates: October 23 – November 22

Element: Water

Modality: Fixed

Ruling planet: Pluto


  • Primary emotion is betrayal
  • Looks cool in a leather jacket
  • OK with uncomfortable silence
  • Can’t be sure if they’re serious or joking
  • Eyes that look into your soul


  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Charles Manson
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Frank Ocean
  • Albert Camus
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • Sylvia Plath
  • Björk


  • Con artist
  • Puppet master
  • Brooding protagonist
  • Poltergeist
  • Cult leader

About Scorpio


The Scorpio character is a significant abyss of boundless intricacy (or if nothing else how they project themselves). They are troublesome individuals to become more acquainted with. They are mental hidden entrances. They associate from behind a twofold sided reflect, continually filtering, understanding you while you can just see your own appearance. They like to be individuals posing the inquiries. They eliminate your skin with their insightful surgical tool and take stock of your beating viscera. They test and push. They know the seemingly insignificant details that make you tick. Your pressing factor focuses. The inconspicuous approaches to acquire the appropriate response they’re chasing. They are acutely mindful of force, its streams, and their situation inside its network.

In spite of their capacity to be by and large well known, there’s something desolate about Scorpios. They have a heartless perspective on the world. Eat or be eaten. Each human cooperation is a gathering of restricting incredible powers. A conflicting of needs and needs where someone wins and someone loses. Their insight into others’ interior designs gives them an edge over the opposition. They realize how to play individuals against one another. They are approaching and shifty simultaneously, contingent upon what is situationally valuable. They are gruff, yet not awkwardly so. They are deliberate about the data they uncover. They’re not liars, they don’t uphold misrepresentations, but rather they are experts of opening windows on specific certainties while disguising others behind hefty drapes.


Scorpios aren’t anxious about most things others dread. Not obscurity. Not torment. Not demise. They face these facts head on. They realize that demise is unavoidable. Rather than ingraining dread, this information is the whetstone that sharpens their appreciation forever. Scorpios waver on the fine edge of the mysterious. Life is really fascinating that way.

Scorpios do fear weakness. The sensation of being known. Haziness can be a concealing spot. Agony can be a pardon not to trust. At the point when they open up, it gives others control over them, and Scorpios should be in charge. The hallucination of authority over themselves and others is the solitary thing that causes them to have a sense of safety despite a generally questionable world.


Scorpio’s #1 shading is insignificant. All that looks dark in obscurity.

Scorpio in Love, Sex, and Romance

This is generally applicable to Scorpio Venus and Mars, however Scorpio Suns may relate to certain characteristics.

The most effective method to SEDUCE A SCORPIO

Wear an outfit that makes you look guiltless. Pair it with marginally smeared eyeliner so they can tell you’re somewhat unhinged under the surface.

Faint the lights. Put on a distressed Joni Mitchell tune and ask them truly what their most profound dread is. Propose that this has something to do with their relationship to their mom.

In the event that they rush to reveal to you that they love you, it’s a test. Try not to say it back until you’re certain you both would not joke about this.


Scorpio’s explicitness in building up prompt closeness makes individuals succumb to them rapidly, yet it takes them some time to free themselves up to somebody enough to truly experience passionate feelings for. They believe that adoration is the limit with respect to torment. Love implies in part surrendering a portion of their discretion and this is particularly hard for a Scorpio.

At the point when they do give somebody access, they begin to look all starry eyed at totally. They can be wildly possessive. They need to learn every little thing about you. They need to associate with you however much as could be expected. They are startlingly quick at getting joined.


Scorpios’ coquettishness is adequately outrageous to be considered deadly. It resembles watching two destructive snakes weaved. It resembles watching a well of lava emit.

They are irreverent and uninhibited. Their coquettishness isn’t tied in with making companions. They play with others to assume responsibility for the circumstance. It’s tied in with attesting strength. They are the sort to murmur in your ear “I see you looking” on the off chance that they find you gazing and, grin insidiously.

Scorpios don’t make casual conversation. They gaze at you and say “I realize you’re not kidding.” They don’t have to say “I like you” to get you to like them. They are not decent. They say precisely what they mean precisely how they would not joke about this.


Scorpios are drawn to what’s past the surface. They need to be with somebody who pushes their limits, who draws out their most serious longings and most significant feelings of dread. Interest. Energy. Desire. The requirement for fulfillment. A hazily enchanting energy. A screen for projection. A puzzling power. The prohibited. The obscure.

They can see past the cover of affectation to the spirit of want, and they search for individuals who can see and like this piece of them. They are into things that are genuine. They are into individuals who are not reluctant to say what they mean.

They’re not keen on whatever doesn’t imply the danger of being totally obliterated. They’re similar to passionate thrill seekers. They need to have however much of the sensational experience as could be expected on the grounds that the shortfall of conflict is a sort of unobtrusive demise.

Yet, despite the fact that Scorpios are drawn to energy, they are additionally repulsed by it. They need to want things, however they would prefer not to be administered by their cravings. This is the reason they will now and then date individuals who are the specific inverse of what they guarantee to need.


Scorpios are quiet professional killers. They don’t quickly spread the word about their sentiments. Then, at that point, they give you a long, entering look. They will need to learn about you. They will attempt to test your character. Whenever they’ve discovered that you’re dependable, they’ll allow you another glance, this time with marginally expanded understudies.

A Scorpio will seek after you with a similar venomous power they use to seek after their foes. They will uncover your insidious mysteries, and they will uncover you. They will intrigue you with their knowledge and mind. They will tempt you with their attraction. They will reveal to you the most intricate dreams about your future together.

Scorpio in Friendship


Scorpio’s joy is attached in their capacity to feel amazing. They are profoundly in line with their unquenchable drive for strength. They need to be a fundamental organ in the enormous pounding heart of the world. When they feel fundamental, they can sink once again into their clairvoyant profundities and become energized by the possibility of making something sacrosanct.


Scorpios are awesome companions. They are incredibly faithful and profoundly merciful. Scorpios place the most elevated worth on what’s genuine. They don’t possess energy for counterfeit. They are the experts of isolating actuality from fiction. Scorpios are extraordinarily mindful, and this empowers them to be responsible towards and direct with individuals they care about.

Their capacity to comprehend others’ feelings permits them to detect and react to the changes in your reality, and go to your guide before you even realize you need it.

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