Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Full Horoscope


Personality traits, in love, friendship & more


Symbol: The Archer

Dates: November 22 – December 21

Element: Fire

Modality: Mutable

Ruling planet: Jupiter


  • No indoor voice
  • Forms opinions off of pure emotion
  • Obsessed with self-improvement
  • Wields their truth like a blunt weapon
  • Friendliest person at the party


  • Chadwick Boseman
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Jane Austen
  • Jean Michel Basquiat
  • Nostradamus
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Diego Rivera
  • Friedrich Engels


  • Foreign correspondent
  • Health fad guru
  • Karaoke Emcee
  • Club Kid
  • Unauthorized Anthropologist

About Sagittarius


Sagittarius is a definitive empiricist. They will consistently pick standards over sentiments and will regularly address what their identity is. They move from one occupation to another, reasoning to theory, conviction to conviction. They are voyagers of the human condition and are unafraid of progress. Sagittarians feel like the world is their jungle gym. They love to investigate the obscure. They need to see how the world functions.

On an unbounded journey to find the entire of the universe within themselves, Sagittarians are unshackled from a specific common connection. They are careless in their quest for what they need, and frequently wind up doing and encountering things that resist originations of the conceivable.

Sagittarius is a traveler. They are both the brave swashbuckler and the bored pundit. They comprehend that information comes in two structures: the shallow, dispensable kind that comes from outside sources, and the sort that comes from the inside. Sagittarius realizes that outer information can be effortlessly acquired while interior information is dramatically more profound and all the more impressive. They’re on a mission to dig into the profundities of the universe inside the human brain. They don’t do this to demonstrate that they have every one of the appropriate responses, however rather on the grounds that they realize that the excursion is the objective.


Sagittarius is an indication of fighter artists. They hold a gun in one hand and a book in the other. They exemplify a persistent drive for opportunity. They are perhaps the most generous and common signs in the zodiac. Their unfathomable positive thinking is irresistible. It tends to be difficult for them to discover center, however once they have their brain set on something they’ll remain determined to accomplish it. Their capacity to defeat impossible difficulties is demonstration of their versatile strength.


Sagittarians can be too optimistic. They need to accept so strongly that they can rise above the limits of reality that it’s difficult for them to acknowledge the straightforward delights in life that lie before them. They’re so centered around accomplishing their objectives that they don’t stop to see the value in the little triumphs en route. Their elevated requirements cause them to appear to be pretentious and presumptuous.

Sagittarians need to know it all. They can get lost in their interminable mission for information. Their interest can in some cases lead them to scrutinize the establishments of their convictions. Addressing things is their method of framing a reasonable perspective. It’s anything but a method of discovering better approaches to encounter the world.

They have a voracious strive after information, however are never-endingly anxious, so they struggle completing books or in any event, staying with a particular control.

Sagittarians don’t have faith in avoiding any and all risks. They are continually searching for the following incredible forward leap, and never think back. This propensity to desert things before they even begin frequently leaves them feeling like they never fully complete anything. They can get so enveloped with 1,000,000 unique ventures that they neglect to finish any of them.

Sagittarius in Love, Sex, and Romance

This is generally pertinent to Sagittarius Venus and Mars, however Sagittarius Suns may relate to certain attributes.

Step by step instructions to SEDUCE A SAGITTARIUS

Point at the book they’re perusing and say that you disdain it. Give some intense however nonexclusive explanation.

Enlighten them regarding your own way of thinking: that the world would be a greatly improved spot if everybody figured out how to chuckle somewhat more and cry somewhat less.

After your first night together, request that they run off with you.


Sagittarius are unimaginably open, and this is the thing that drives them to become hopelessly enamored so rapidly. They don’t see the place of alert since they feel they’ve effectively run the computations and established that the potential for remuneration exceeds the danger. They needn’t bother with much an ideal opportunity to choose if they need you.

They embrace the thought that all feelings are temporary, including love. They don’t have to clutch it. They don’t have to have it to approve its reality. They are drawn to curiosity and love the possibility that they can proceed onward rapidly. On the off chance that they don’t begin to look all starry eyed at from the start sight, it normally doesn’t take excessively long.

Sagittarius will regularly begin to look all starry eyed at the possibility of an individual. They are drawn to dynamic quality. They’re likewise free, and frequently inclined to meandering. They get exhausted without any problem. They are continually searching for another high, another rush, another experience. They are continually searching out the following extraordinary thing.


A Sagittarius is searching for somebody to make some great memories with. They need to have the option to encounter the world without stressing over the results of their activities. They would prefer not to be secured. They need somebody who doesn’t view life too appropriately. Somebody to appreciate existence with.

In the actual domain, Sagittarius discover the mind to be the most physically charming body part. They like individuals who have a scholarly edge, a path with words, and a sharp funny bone. This allure is, to a limited extent, since Sagittarius is controlled by the planet of insight. They’re drawn to the sort of individual who motivates them to figure greater contemplations, to free themselves up to the boundless. They feel the most invigorated when they are around individuals who draw out the logician in them.


Sagittarius isn’t single since they are looking for a perfect partner. All things being equal, they’re attempting to sort out what love is. They are understudies of it. They have a profound appreciation for it. They consider it more than some other sign.

They are searchers. They are not needing one exceptional individual to finish them. They are too bustling making the orchestra that is their life. Each experience, experience, and individual that they meet en route is a development in the ensemble. Each potential mate they meet is an expected instrument.

They dread giving up their opportunity and being helpless before someone else. They fear being helpless and trusting. This is the reason Sagittarius are consistently moving. They are extremely fretful. They need new skylines. They feel that they should be swimming the waterway of life instead of laying on the shore. They need steady change, consistent activity, consistent development. Being still is demise for them.

Sagittarius in Friendship


Reliability is an idea that is based on the standard of consistency. Sagittarius are steadfast, yet not generally to individuals they guarantee to cherish. They are faithful to cherish. Faithful to the possibility of opportunity. Faithful to building a superior world. They may adore you, however they love the possibility of you more. What’s more, on the off chance that you start to keep them down and retrain them to think like every other person, they’ll begin to disdain you for it.


The Sagittarian foe is design, or anything that endeavors to choke their development. Sagittarius never needs to back off and truly detests standing by. Their foe is any individual who attempts to keep them down. The adversary is any individual who needs to secure them, or put them in a case, or power them into a couple of shoes that don’t fit.

Sagittarius adversaries are additionally individuals who offer them guidance. Sagittarians are certain they don’t should be determined what to do on the grounds that they know all they require to know. Truly Sagittarians could gain so much from others, yet their pride will not let them.

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