Libra (September 22 – October 23) Full Horoscope


Personality traits, in love, friendship & more



Symbol: The Scales

Dates: September 22 – October 23

Element: Air

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling planet: Venus


  • Hates being alone
  • Really good aesthetics
  • Conflict avoidant
  • Sees every side
  • Prone to fantasy
  • Can’t make decisions


  • Michel Foucault
  • Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Donald Glover
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  • Nico
  • Arthur Rimbaud

About Libra


In the event that you are a Libra posing this inquiry, fixated on typifying the possibility of “goodness” with the total of your being, you should realize that it is completely satisfactory to be a Libra.


Libras are hard to truly comprehend on the grounds that they appear to be so opposing on a superficial level. They’re all the while outgoing and thoughtful, key and unconstrained, engaged and natural. This fluctuation makes it hard to nail down their actual character. They are a whole group of stars of characters. Libras are distinctive relying upon who they’re near.

This is on the grounds that Libras esteem compassion. They are responsive. They can be others’ mirrors. Along these lines, they have solid conclusions about others, however set aside a long effort to get themselves.

They need to be appreciated not for their abilities but rather for their appeal. They need to be viewed as the mindful figure who can adjust the tempestuous components around them. They feel an exceptional measure of blame and disgrace when they are troubled in light of the fact that they realize that their misery influences everybody around them.


Libras are sympathetic and compassionate individuals. They will make a special effort to help other people. They loathe struggle and keep away from conflicts. These attributes lead them to be controlled by others. Libras additionally tend to be uncertain. They are so worried about others’ sentiments that they let others settle on choices for them.

Libras put a ton of weight on the assessments of others. In spite of the fact that they are furtively unnerved by bad judgment, they struggle staying away from the spotlight. They should be seen to feel approved.

What Libras need to find is that energy is its own sort of daydream. Libras are limited by the impediments of their bodies and their psyches. They are contained inside the limits of what their five detects advise them. They can comprehend the kind of the world, yet not the shading. They’re not ready to decipher the basic miniature signals that others can. The dull pit of the obscure is an unnerving spot for them, which is the reason they need to imagine that they know it all. They project a demeanor of all-knowingness. In any case, in truth, they have no clue about the thing they are discussing.


Libras fear being distant from everyone else. A dread of being detached from the aggregate is essential for their basic mental cosmetics. Libras fear the obscure. They’re anxious about their own insider facts. They are fit for getting sorted out their lives with such complex construction that they once in a while face really obscure circumstances.

Libras dread that they will carry on with their lives in a steady condition of dread. They dread that dread will continually direct their conduct. That dread will handicap their capacity to be content. That dread will keep them from accomplishing their objectives. They are worried about the possibility that that this dread will collect into an unconquerable obstruction. They’re hazard opposed, and would like to kick the bucket of a messed up heart than of fatigue.


The wellspring of Libras’ annoyance is the pressure between what they figure life ought to resemble and what it really resembles. They fantasize about progress, impact, and force, yet feel like they need to work more earnestly than others to accomplish it. Libras keep an interior rolodex of their imaginative and scholarly saints, and romanticize their opportunity and insouciance. They harbor secret jealousy. They additionally blow up when they feel that their honesty is undermined. They are very touchy, so any sort of analysis cuts profound.

Libras are hyper-sensitive to others, their self-esteem stuck to outside approval. This varieties oblivious hatred. They would prefer not to concede that they feel more limited and miserable than others, however they do. All things being equal, they put their issues on outer elements, like medical conditions, work pressure, or family show.

In the event that Libras feel terrible about themselves for expanded periods, everything turns out to be an excessive amount to hold in and they begin to lash out at others. This is a method of diverting their agony onto others to try not to confront reality with regards to themselves.

Libras are enthusiastic, and effortlessly hurt. Their inward world is violent and they strive to keep the equilibrium. For this difficult work they put in they regularly feel that the world owes them something. It tends to be difficult for them to express their sentiments. Libras should discover that the world can’t give them what they need except if they realize how to request it.


Libra’s concern isn’t weariness. Their concern is repetitiveness. They scorn any tedious activity. They disdain being stuck in the normal, worn out designs that others appear to stall out in. They long for assortment and experience and they can be enormously creative at discovering approaches to be tested, delighted, and enlivened.

Libra in Sex, Love, and Romance

This is generally applicable to Libra Venus and Mars, however Libra Suns may relate to certain characteristics.

The most effective method to SEDUCE A LIBRA

At whatever point they say something in discussion, say “Wow, me as well!”

Go through three days together with no alone time.

Request that they be your dream.


Libras esteem excellence. That is the reason they regularly have brilliant stance and eye to eye connection. They are experts of dressing such that features their best actual highlights. They realize that how they feel is straightforwardly identified with what they look like, and subsequently they utilize their appearance to communicate their dispositions.

Libras are so drawn to the possibility of excellence that they even discover magnificence in others’ blemishes. They accept everybody is fit for being delightful and that anything that persuades them in any case is only a deception.


Libra is an indication that is most handily distinguished by the differentiation between their outsides and insides. Their outsides are complex, created, and for the most part lovely, yet the insides are regularly dim, unreliable, and in a steady condition of motion. Their perfect partner is somebody who is fit for spanning this division.

A Libra perfect partner is somebody who is pleasant without being a mat. They need somebody who can be there for them in their most bewildering minutes. On the off chance that they feel lost in the mist, their perfect partner ought to be their beacon.

Now and then Libras lose all sense of direction in the maze of their own awareness. They become impulsive, yet they need to conceal this insecurity since it causes them to feel defenseless. Their perfect partner ought to be a solace. A Libra perfect partner is somebody who urges them to continue to act naturally. Somebody who assists them with seeing that they’re in charge of themselves. A Libra perfect partner is somebody who comprehends that Libra has a murkiness in them, yet that haziness is a characteristic piece of them. It’s not something to be embarrassed about.

Libra in Friendship


Libras don’t despise anybody (to their face).


Libra is one of the indications of the zodiac that have gained notoriety for being whimsical, however that inclination is really an impression of the overall absence of responsibility with which they approach things. You could say that Libra is the expert of give and take.

They need to satisfy everybody and will successfully keep the harmony. They are likewise exceptionally humane individuals, and here and there struggle denying others. This can to some degree entangle things when those others are manipulative or self-serving.

In any case, Libra isn’t pretty much as eccentric as they may appear. They simply make some extreme memories keeping fixed on a certain something. Along these lines, Libras are exceptionally simple to coexist with, however fairly difficult to keep a predictable relationship with. They’ll generally be there to pay attention to your issues, however they’ll generally have some place to be. They’ll generally need to take care of you, yet they’ll generally have another person they need to assist, as well.

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