Leo (July 22 – August 22) Full Horoscope


Personality traits, in love, friendship & more


Symbol: The Lion

Dates: July 22 – August 22

Element: Fire

Modality: Fixed

Ruling planet: The Sun


  • Exudes warmth and creativity
  • A little bit vain
  • Really big personality
  • Wants to stand out
  • Interested in luxury


  • Kobe Bryant
  • James Baldwin
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Coco Chanel
  • Kate Bush
  • Lil Yachty
  • Duchamp
  • Charli XCX


  • Chanteuse
  • B-list actor
  • Motivational speaker
  • Autobiographical author
  • Style icon

About Leo


Leos are striking, warm, and cherishing. They are additionally a definitive entertainers. They can stun with the dramatic style of a Broadway star and the magnetism of a government official. They are enthralling characters. They have special insight with words, and can talk expressively on pretty much any point, regardless of how rapidly they’ve recently been acquainted with it.

Leos infuse aspiration into all that they do. They are governed by the heart. They are reckless and sure and pay attention to their gut feelings. Their activities are common and easy.

Leos have a tenacious craving for development that is effortlessly satisfied by the recognition of others. At the point when they are harming, it shows. They will utilize their annoyance as a defensive divider to safeguard their weaknesses. They need to be seen as strong in light of the fact that they are terrified of conceding weakness, requiring things from others, being fragmented.


The terrible sides of a Leo seem when their positive and splendid character qualities get over into abundance. They can be seen as domineering, however this is because of their hyper-presence and warmth.

Leos have gained notoriety for being boasters. To them this isn’t gloating, it’s sharing. Offering their achievements to others causes them to feel associated, and they anticipate something very similar consequently from their companions. They need to be praised however they are similarly glad to commend you.

Leos like to feel significant. They would fundamentally prefer not to be adored, or be treated with veneration. They simply need to be perceived for their legitimate selves. The contrast among esteem and love is unpretentious, however it’s the distinction between a Leo being engrossed with themselves, or being centered around the benefit of individuals they care about.

They need to be the focal point of the universe. They need to be remunerated for being the awesome the most brilliant. They need to be given uncommon treatment, yet additionally feel meriting it.


Leos disdain being bossed around. They are especially responsible for their own universes and their own fate. Leos are interminably injured by the demonstrations of selling out and relinquishment. Their pride is a blade that they use to ensure their power.

Their feeling of honor is serious, they hold both themselves as well as other people to an elevated expectation, and they are profoundly injured when somebody deciphers that code. There is an instilled need for everybody to recognize and approve their reality. This can prompt what can be marked as narcissistic or absolutist conduct that boundaries on the silly.

They disdain being determined what to do, however in the event that you can get them to tune in, they can typically be convinced—particularly on the off chance that you cause them to feel like it was what they needed from the start. However, they’ll in every case furtively hate that they didn’t arrive at this resolution alone. Leos don’t prefer to be advised to get things done, and they particularly don’t care for being constrained. They request regard and they don’t warmly embrace individuals who don’t regard them.

Leos in Love, Sex and Romance

This is generally pertinent to Leo Venus and Mars, however Leo Suns may relate to certain characteristics.

The most effective method to SEDUCE A LEO

Look back on their online media and “unintentionally” like one of their first posts. This will promptly make them think.

Show them a Michelangelo painting and disclose to them that it helps you to remember them.

Put in intelligent contacts so they can see their own appearance while they gaze at you.


Leos are normally lively and energetic and regularly succumb to accomplices that are similarly excited. They are drawn to the very characteristics in others that they find in themselves. They like accomplices that are certain and proactive. Who will follow what they need without expression of remorse.

Leos will in general be drawn to indications of clear strength. They need somebody who isn’t simply sure, however complex. They need to be with someone who can plan a shrewd contention, however can likewise introduce it in a smooth and lucid way.

Leos love to be the focal point of consideration, but on the other hand are subtly self-hatred. All their appeal is a safeguard instrument that is intended to make up for their intrinsic instability. Despite the fact that it might seem common, it is frequently an exceptionally determined method of being. Along these lines, Leos will in general have a proclivity for individuals who are more unconstrained and lighthearted than they are. They like a tad of confusion in their lives to check the request that they force on themselves.


Leos want somebody who can take care of them both actually and inwardly. They need to be revered. They need to feel like the focal point of your consideration. They need to feel like you’d do totally anything for them—and that you’d do it not out of commitment, however by decision. They love to feel like they’re in a place of force, yet they would prefer not to need to practice it forcibly. To them, their common mystique ought to be sufficient. They are wildly autonomous, and they love to get everything they might want. So to feel genuinely adored, they need an accomplice who is somewhat compliant—or who will take on that part in the relationship.

Simultaneously, Leos need somebody who is discreetly and subtly amazing by their own doing, somebody who can assist them with understanding their aspirations. Somebody who can help them become famous in their picked field, or in their group of friends.

They should be with somebody who can get under their skin and possess their creative mind. Somebody who can stay aware of their perpetual enthusiastic craving. Somebody who can help them feel powerful.


Leos love a test. They have a practically innate need to contend and overwhelm. Along these lines, Leo is known for being an energetic smoocher.

Leos kiss like they’re contending with another person for your love. It resembles they envision that, some place on the planet, there’s somebody you love more than you love them, and they will demonstrate that their kiss is better by kissing you more enthusiastically than this infinite other sweetheart could.

Leos kiss like the solitary things that matter on the planet are you and them and the way that their lips feel against yours. To be kissed like a Leo kiss is to be kissed like the entire world is watching. To be kissed by a Leo is to be kissed like there could be no other kiss except for your kiss.

Leo in Friendship


As companions, Leos are mindful, faithful, and liberal. They generally want to give more than they get. As quite possibly the most energetic and extravagance cherishing signs, they treat you the manner in which they treat themselves, and will unexpectedly do pleasant things for you since they feel like it. They’re not actually into monitoring turns or even parts.

On the off chance that you give a Leo motivation to feel uncommon, they will give you a similar degree of consideration, friendship, and applause. Kinship means everything to them. Furthermore, in the event that you have an issue, they will drop everything and come help you.

All things considered, Leos are pleased and esteem their honor. On the off chance that you hurt a Leo’s sentiments, they will make you mindful of it while rebuffing you with their quiet. They’ll be cold and far off for quite a long time. They can be malignant and clutch disdain for quite a while. Regardless of whether you made them frantic five years prior, they’ll in any case recollect it. Furthermore, they’ll recall it the manner in which they need to recollect it. They’ll clutch their variant of the story and you simply need to acknowledge that this is their method of excusing you.


To Leos, forlornness is a hostage state. It in a real sense ties them to the enclosure of their own craving. They have an opening within them that they attempt to load up with affection, consideration, and endorsement. They need to be cherished for what their identity is. They need real associations, however set aside a long effort to figure out how to start them. They’re continually looking for importance.

Leos make a great deal of companions, yet they’re not all that great at keeping them or creating them further. The issue is that they’re ready to shape shallow associations with their adequate appeal, yet struggle showing the weakness that more profound connections require. While they’re extraordinary at speaking with the world, they’re not actually that incredible at imparting their deepest considerations and sentiments.

To associate with individuals, they’d need to open up about their own feelings, and that is something they’re not open to doing. What they don’t understand is that enthusiastic articulation can be the very impetus for growing profound associations. They can feel the requirement for friendship, yet they don’t have the foggiest idea how to make a space for it to develop. They don’t comprehend that fellowship is a workmanship that requires steady work—and that you get what you put in. They’re the sort of individual who says “I’ll call you!” and afterward never calls. They’re in every case exceptionally occupied.

Obviously, Leos aren’t destined to an existence of forlornness. They simply need to figure out how to be helpless. They need to figure out how to be companions with individuals without considering others to be just a wellspring of consideration.

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