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You will easily get many opportunities to complete your unfinished work on time. Other problems which may crop up will get resolved quickly so do not bother yourself about them. Try to make the most of the day because whatever you will do today, will be successful as well as fruitful. You may be looking for a good advice from someone dear to you.

A common misconception about you is that you love conflict so much that you often go out of your way to create it. That’s sometimes true — but it’s true for everyone! For the most part, it’s your boldness that inspires others to see how far they can push your envelope. Anyone who tries that today should receive quite a rude surprise. You don’t need to tone it down, either.


You can easily pull up everything  together now and make your life larger. Maintain your focus and diverge all your energy onto it. Just do not say anything which can land you in an emotional mess. Those who are in business may be able to expand it or renovate the already established outlets.

You should see quite a few similarities between today and a recent day, complete with all those stumbling blocks, barriers, and roadblocks you had to steer through — but it’s not quite as it seems! You enjoy challenges, and with your recent experience, you can navigate every obstacle smoothly and do what it takes to get where you need to be.


You may head for an unplanned adventurous trip. It may be within the city or it may be slightly short. But the idea is to have lots of fun and that you will definitely have. You may wipe your differences with someone close to heart. It was pending for long but as you get face to face, you may want to let go the past.

Your optimism is legendary. You can find the silver lining in almost any cloud. Unfortunately, there’s one particular person in your circles who can bring you down, make you doubt what you’re doing, and start you wondering if your life is really where you want it to be. Avoid this person, but not permanently (they do have an important role to play).


You are high in spirits and energy! Call up your friends and throw a party. Basking in the glory you may be careless towards the danger awaiting you in near future! Do not panic, it does not indicate harm from a person. Your health may get affected due to excess consumption of meals which your stomach cannot digest. So plan for a routine exercise and retain your pep for longer period of time!

This is one of those days that can just make you crazy — it feels like one step forward and two steps back! If that’s how it is for you, with your legendary patience, imagine how intolerant everyone else is feeling. The good news is that once you’re all done, you should have a sweet space to return to.


You have had a good exposure to new things in life! Just be prepared to face the challenges coming across your way. Be ready to explain whatever you are being questioned. Your efforts will last for long and will lay a solid foundation for better progress. Do not forget to re-vitalize and pamper yourself amidst all this!

Relationships can be quite odd — they often develop minds of their own once they’ve been established! For the past few weeks, you’ve been trying to keep one of your own on its leash, but it hasn’t been cooperating well, and it isn’t getting any tamer. Whether it’s platonic, romantic or professional, it’s still a challenge to keep it out of the fire. Hang tough and see if you can work this out.


Today, you will be in an adjusting mood. Your willingness to meet people half way and arrive at a compromise through reasonable discussion is going to endear yourself to one and all. You will be able to resolve any situation quickly. You are also concerned with beautifying your person and your surroundings as well as making sure that every occasion goes off without any hitch.

Someone is trying to pull something, but it’s not likely to work. You’ve got a tough new attitude, and you’re eager to try it out. It involves one simple philosophy: just the facts, ma’am. When someone challenges you or tries to conceal something big, you’re all too happy to inform them that you’re not buying it. Don’t be surprised if an argument ensues, though.


Situations may arise which may tempt you or force you to act impulsively. This is the time to take charge of yourself and tackle all this with your fighting spirit. Be protective of your children or younger siblings. You will also be able to socialize well with people in society and you will be surprised by the warm welcome they will give you!

You need to manage a delicate balancing act: taking care of your responsibilities to home and family while trying to move forward with your career in some new way. If anyone can pull it off, you can! Balance is your specialty. This time, it may be somewhat tricky, but if you put in some extra hours, you can manage it. Just don’t forget to get some sleep!


All your efforts regarding both your career and your personal life are now coming to a head. A momentum is likely to build up which will lead to a major success for you. Your efforts and ingenuity will be noticed by your superiors and you will gain some staunch supporters in the process. Your enemies will be left helpless today.

First, the good news: Doing battle isn’t frightening or intimidating to you. That means that when someone tries to put one over on you today, no matter who they think they are, you absolutely do not stand for it. This goes double for anyone who thinks more highly of their own authority than you do. In, fact, it might be time to take them down a peg or two, and you’re just the right person for the job.


The day may start with some confusion. A person with spiritual bent may come to your rescue. The person will guide you. You may follow his advices as they are given with a pure intention today. You may also be inclined to visit a holy place today. Second half of the day will pass smoothly. You may enjoy with friends.

You’re well known (and much loved) for your bluntness, honesty, and openness under most circumstances, but you’re just about to encounter a situation that could be tricky, at best, for the rest of us. If you’re about to surprise yourself, you can just imagine how others are going to feel, especially those who aren’t as sturdy as you. Lend a hand, if you can.


You are at your creative best. Decipher the meaning of your imagination. It will bring luck and happiness. Let your mind rule your heart. You look for a logical output. Channelize your energy just a bit to unleash the hidden gold. Today is a good day to think of investments of any kind. Let yourself go loose a bit not getting over cautious.

Some big-time changes are coming your way. Thankfully, right now you’re actually able to appreciate what’s going on — or at least the outcome. The path along the way might not be all that much fun, especially if you have to say goodbye rather abruptly to someone or something, but the ends definitely justify the means. You’ve never been afraid of change, though you do prefer to stick with what you know when possible.


You feel full of energy and are ready for some seriously hard work today. Your flow of positive energy will even influence others so that you will energize everyone of your team to work better. Even at home you will shoulder much more responsibilities than you normally do, pleasing those near to you. You just need to make sure that this trend continues and you do not burn yourself out.

You’ve done everything humanly possible to keep the peace, but you’re not in it alone. While you don’t relish having to speak unpleasant truths to someone you care about, it’s necessary now, and you should stop blaming yourself for the situation. Say what you’ve got to say and see what happens. If this is a strong relationship, it’s just a bump in the road.


You are at your humor best. Don’t lose this aspect of your character which keeps you tension free in toughest of situations. You may crack a deal because of your proactive nature. Someone needs your encouragement. Look around and be the mentor. A happy time with near and dear ones are indicated. Be cautious while eating fish.

Don’t take any backtalk from anyone who thinks they have you where they want you just because they know one of your secrets — even if they also know how badly you want to protect it. You probably know dirt that is just as potentially uncomfortable for them, and while you’d never choose to say anything about it under normal circumstances; you might need to let them know what you know.



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