Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Full Horoscope


Personality traits, in love, friendship & more



Symbol: The crab

Dates: June 21 – July 22

Element: Water

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling planet: The Moon


  • Very sensitive
  • Seeks comfort
  • Forgives but never forgets
  • Only has one boundary, but it is very firm
  • Takes on other people’s problems


  • Ariana Grande
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Marcel Proust
  • Assata Shakur
  • Stokely Carmichael
  • Franz Kafka
  • Patrice Lumumba
  • Emma Goldman


  • Emotional packmule
  • Caretaker for lost skaters
  • That one influential elementary school teacher
  • “Free hugs” booth (ASMR “I’m your friend and I’m hugging you”)
  • Metaphorical heart surgeon

About Cancer


A Cancer’s character resembles swimming chest somewhere down in a pool of warm water. It feels shining and cool while it’s contacting the body, yet you realize that if you somehow managed to make a plunge, it would feel warm.

Malignancy’s mindfulness resembles the tides. They’re continually moving all through center. Their character is layered. They have numerous states of mind, some of which are conflicting, however they additionally have a profound, center self that perseveres.

Malignancies are overloaded by their own distresses and the distresses of everyone around them. They are regularly spooky by despondency. It’s difficult for them to sympathize with their torment with others, and they are frequently reluctant to be powerless on the grounds that they convey a dread that individuals will utilize their shortcomings against them. Malignancies have figured out how to shroud their torment to try not to trouble any other individual. They imagine they’re OK when they’re not.

Their feelings resemble an uncovered nerve. They can feel everything. They’re similar to a tuning fork that vibrates at the smallest incitement. They will in general convey profound feelings of spite since they can’t fail to remember the passionate sting of a slight.


Diseases are homebodies. They like the solace of the recognizable. They don’t care for change. They are attracted to security and schedule. They like to realize what is generally anticipated. They will in general be less trial than different signs. They have an appreciation for the past. They like to keep customs alive. They like craftsmanship that helps them to remember an alternate time. They love old stories, or old fine arts. Unsurprising conditions cause them to feel great. They like to realize what will occur. They like to feel that they’re important for a greater arrangement. They don’t care for shocks.

Cancer in Love, Sex and Romance

This is generally applicable to Cancer Venus and Mars, however Cancer Suns may relate to certain characteristics.

Step by step instructions to SEDUCE A CANCER

Snatch their hand while you’re strolling down the road. Make a point to grasp it tenderly however immovably like you’re clutching a child bird.

Take them to the home you experienced childhood in. Play pitiful music. While you lay on the bed together, take a gander at photographs of your relatives and talk about your muddled childhoods.

Heat them a cake that says “I need you” in mauve hued frosting.


Tumors experience passionate feelings for without any problem. They may seem modest and held, yet under this safeguard is a heartfelt who experiences a terrible instance of the nerves. They don’t experience passionate feelings for an individual, yet with an ideal. They go gaga for what they’re wanting to discover. They are searching for a total and unqualified acknowledgment since they feel so insufficient and incomplete. They are enamored with being infatuated. This is the reason they frequently get themselves unequipped for beginning to look all starry eyed at individuals who really love them back.

They need to be adored, however they don’t believe that it will last. They need to be contacted, however don’t believe the aims of the individual contacting them. They need to be ensured, yet they don’t believe that anybody will secure them. When they begin to look all starry eyed at a genuine individual, they will convey the heartfelt affections for as long as they can remember. Their whole body turns into a vessel for the feeling.


Indeed. Yet, maybe more significantly, Cancer tease consistently appears to have a secret plan. Malignant growths are awful at staying quiet. They uncover themselves promptly and permit the other party to see behind their covers, yet they frequently do this without acknowledging it. It isn’t so much that they don’t keep anything down, yet rather that they unwittingly force their states of mind and sentiments on the other individual. It’s normal for a Cancer to unexpectedly acknowledge they have educated somebody concerning their family ancestry or their sentiments on a new misfortune before acknowledging what they’re doing.


Indeed, Cancers are known to return to their exes. Disease’s craving for friendship can frequently lead them to glance back at their heartfelt pasts and wait affectionately on the recollections of the individual they used to be with. They’ll end up thinking back about how a relationship affected them. They may have been deceived or misled, however the underlying surge of affection they felt for the individual will consistently be there.


Indeed, without question so. Diseases additionally need to be spooned, yet they might be too timid to even consider starting it. They may likewise feel that it’s an indication of shortcoming, so they’ll attempt to push you to do it first.


Malignancies can resemble a bird that has been confined and hand took care of for such a long time that they start to accept that they are not equipped for making due in nature. They lose the will to fly.

Malignancies need an adoration interest to characterize them. Their memory is a blend of past loves. They are the result of their connections. Their character is etched by individuals who have caused them to feel a specific way. They use love as a structure square to develop a more substantial ability to be self aware.

Their job in a relationship isn’t to direct its turn of events, yet to respond to another person’s lead. They are molded by their heartfelt connections however much they shape them. They are an impressionist painting of all their previous sweethearts. They’re a no nonsense montage of individuals that have caused them to feel uncommon. With each new accomplice, they become somewhat more entirety.

At the point when a Cancer is enamored, they dazzle themselves to anything negative. They can’t appreciate the big picture. They trust too without any problem. They need to accept the best about everybody. They love “pleasant individuals.” They can’t comprehend why everybody isn’t decent. They need to be steady of everybody. They struggle understanding why something feels wrong.

Diseases need to figure out how to confide in their own senses and instinct. They need to figure out how to get by all alone on the grounds that being too subject to another person will just delay the recuperating cycle.

Cancer in Friendship


Tumors are frequently obstinate, yet they don’t need to be. Malignant growths are regularly reprimanded for being unforgiving on the individuals who they feel have violated them. They can be rebuffing, wrathful, and delayed to pardon. They clutch past harms, yet that doesn’t mean they employ them. They’re regularly excessively self-destroying to bring them up aside from when they at last eject. It would be simpler in the event that they could simply forgive and never look back. They need their injuries to be recuperated, so they cover them. They’re injured by their own connection to memory. It is significant for them to recall that change isn’t just conceivable, however is the common request of life.


Tumors’ craving for control is established in their character. Character is the wellspring of Cancer’s enthusiastic security. They are not looking for endorsement from the rest of the world, however effectively attempting to change their outer climate to mirror their internal world.

Malignancy lives in a nightfall domain where everything is obscured. The line among themselves as well as other people isn’t plainly characterized, and this is reflected by their outside climate. Their house is an asylum that is agreeable with their disposition. Their assets are an indication of their interior world.

Tumors don’t request control out of malevolence, but instead on the grounds that they feel most good when they’re in control. They want to really focus on others, and they can accomplish this by coordinating the existences of those nearest to them.


Tumors are exceptionally delicate and extremely unreliable, so they need consistent consolation. This doesn’t need to come from a darling or companion. It can likewise be a dear companion or a parent. Malignancies need this enthusiastic closeness or they endure.

Malignant growth blossoms with the security of cozy connections. Solid connections are the establishment of their feeling of prosperity. They need to feel cherished. A Cancer perfect partner is regularly somebody who has a more grounded character, and who can help Cancer feel more grounded.

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