Aquarius (January 19 – February 18) Full Horoscope


Personality traits, in love, friendship & more



Symbol: The Water Bearer

Dates: January 19 – February 18

Element: Air

Modality: Fixed

Ruling planet: Uranus


  • Purposefully esoteric
  • Doesn’t ‘do’ feelings, just concepts
  • Actually believes in conspiracy theories
  • More in love with humanity as a whole than individuals
  • Always feels like an outcast
  • Fetishizes personal freedom


  • Angela Davis
  • Virginia Woolf
  • Frederick Douglas
  • Michael Jordan
  • Yoko Ono
  • Grigori Rasputin
  • Huey P. Newton
  • James Joyce
  • Audre Lorde


  • Professional dilettante
  • Bohemian
  • Casual anthropologist
  • Rioter and looter
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Armchair philosopher

About Aquarius


Aquarians are original pariahs. This doesn’t mean they’re introverts. Indeed, they flourish in enormous gatherings—enchanting you with their particular funny bones, interesting you with fun realities about the historical backdrop of dispensable straws, or persuading you to join their understanding gathering. The distance they feel is regularly purposeful—a consequence of their automatic contrarianism, instead of an absence of social insight. They attempt to be unusual. They hang grapefruit skins from the divider and call it craftsmanship, they profess to really like commotion music, they soak their interior discourses with SAT words.

“Knowledge,” to them, implies the capacity to figure the most disagreeable assessment conceivable. On the off chance that they were white sheep, they’d color their fleece dark just to make a statement. They are bound to carry on with their lives contrary to the current world. Indeed, they are world-manufacturers. A whole universe exists in their minds, and this universe clings to claim set of rationale doesn’t plan onto the real world. They are not liars. They are utopians. They are not cold. They are normal. To them, feelings are simply openings in their optimistic vessels. Why surrender to affectability when there is such a lot of information to get, such countless issues to be settled, universes to design?

They once in a while ask, “For what reason wouldn’t i be able to be typical?” however actually, they discover regularity exhausting, and they stake their self-esteem on their capacity to be fascinating. They need to be mysterious. They need to avoid definition. Definitions are restricting little guidelines that others use to limit their development, and they should oppose whatever encroaches on their opportunity to float. Between definitions, between the individual and the normal, among themselves and mankind. A definitive Aquarian battle is settling the pressure between their requirement for local area, and their requirement for complete separation.

Aquarians are continually running little tests. They carry on with their lives as one major science test, utilizing the component of shock to gather responses and build hypotheses about the complexities of human instinct. They are strolling dynamic workmanship pieces, breaking customary viewpoints with their total negligence for show. They are saints to the reason for “mankind”, and “opportunity” is their lone interest.

Aquarius in Sex, Love, and Romance

This is generally pertinent to Aquarius Venus and Mars, however Aquarius Suns may relate to certain qualities.

The most effective method to SEDUCE AN AQUARIUS

Stroll around with a bland air, as though the world is simply occurring around you without your consent. Perhaps get an odd hair style.

Send them a connection to a Gregorian serenade. Reveal to them that this tune helps you to remember them.

Keep awake until 6:00 AM discussing “the framework” and your common contempt of it, while never getting explicit about what you really mean.


Aquarians are grandiose logicians, scrutinizing the dating pool from their roost on a mountain ridge. All that they think about adoration they’ve gained from the numerous books they’ve perused. Love to them is only a viable hypothesis. A philosophical considering. A lattice of brains. No head surge. No warm blood required. It’s a science. It’s science. It’s a mental wonder.


Aquarians are drawn to knowledge. Motivation is a heartfelt flash for them. Having a similar comical inclination is exactly the same thing as an association. They aren’t really drawn to individuals who share their inclinations, on the grounds that there is a piece of them that loathes their inclinations, yet they are attracted to individuals with specialty pursuits that they don’t completely comprehend.

Aquarians are dependent on sorting individuals out. They need to think about you. Not your sentiments or your adolescence. Not your mental and enthusiastic cosmetics, but rather the realities you know, the fascinating encounters you’ve had, the suppositions you’ve created. They utilize this data to portray you as an admired cartoon that they can hang in the heart-formed gallery of all their over a wide span of time connections.

Aquarians need to be acknowledged for their whimsies, yet think that its hard to acknowledge that their accomplices don’t coordinate with their glorified representations. What Aquarians dread most is being gone up against by a genuine body with typical flaws and disappointments. They realize that when individuals draw near, they structure assumptions. Assumptions that undermine their autonomy cause them to feel angry. They develop cold and far off, then, at that point can’t help thinking about why their accomplices begin acting tenacious. Aquarians don’t consider their to be to bargain as narrow-mindedness. At the point when they turn internal, they don’t see a self by any means, they just see “reality.”


On the off chance that you requested that an Aquarius depict their ideal accomplice in one descriptive word, they would likely say “inexpressible.” They need accomplices who can comprehend their requirement for space without thinking about it literally. Accomplices who don’t attempt to fight them with implicit assumptions or fits of remorse. Accomplices who are freely inspired. Who have their own interests, and enjoy imparting them to other people. Accomplices who are keen on trying different things with non-customary relationship models. However, in particular, accomplices who will show them the instinctive side of adoration, the part that can’t be depicted in a science course reading. The part that is something other than a thought. An absolutely real thing that is the reason for all genuine human association.


Aquarians are astute. They don’t introduce themselves as coquettish—in that sense, they can be somewhat distancing. They don’t care for casual conversation. It might appear as though they are very nearly a kiss, and afterward they’ll simply begin discussing some new monetary strategy they read about. In their apprehension, they now and then get so energized discussing themselves that they neglect to ask you inquiries or in any case show you that they’re intrigued. Aquarians regularly use humor as a bolster. They’ll begin playing some counter-intuitive game to make you chuckle. In case you’re keen on an Aquarius, you may have to do the vast majority of the work in driving things forward. Try not to treat them too appropriately, yet cause them to feel comprehended and agreeable enough to back off and be available.

Aquarius in Friendship


Aquarians make generally excellent associates. They are cordial individuals, however their puzzling nature makes them hard to draw near to. You can know an Aquarius for quite a long time and still feel like you know nothing about their own lives. At the point when you get some information about themselves, they talk about the looming ecological calamity, or, more than likely recurrent realities from the last narrative they watched.

Aquarians need to be useful, however this mindfulness is oftentimes aimed at individuals they know the least. They may acquire your sweater without asking, then, at that point give it’s anything but an outsider on the train who looked cold. Maybe their obligation to mankind bests any awareness of certain expectations they may feel towards individuals nearest to them. They believe it’s egotistically one-sided to focus on dear fellowships over every other person on the planet, and they stroke their humanistic personality by extending themselves as the ideal sacrificial provider.

Aquarians are character authorities. They will in general encircle themselves with a curated cast of unusual characters, however never become acquainted with them underneath their surface-level ascribes. Profound associations dependent on shared sensibilities are not really the most intriguing ones. They need to gain from individuals who are as not the same as them as could be expected. They look for consistent social incitement. They’re scared of falling into the careless crowd mindset of a solitary companion bunch.

Aquarians aren’t really the companions you search out when you’re in an emergency. They need to help you, yet their critical thinking mind shortcircuits attempting to concoct the impartially right comment. Go to them when you’re eager for a weird experience that will transform into an engaging story to tell at parties—or in the event that you need somebody to clarify what cosmology implies.


There are two primary wellsprings of an Aquarius’ resentment. The first is the world not working as per their hopeful guidelines: individuals behaving like jerks, social bad form, or a wastefully planned supermarket. At the point when their manager advises them to accomplish something that doesn’t bode well. To this they react with aggravation, and noble incredulity, totally unafraid of the outcomes.

The second is the point at which somebody faults Aquarius for being off-base here and there: acting corruptly, offending someone, being a two-timer. Allegations of this sort clatters Aquarians to their center, however you probably won’t see proof of that till months after the fact.

At the point when an Aquarius blows up, it’s anything but an all out shock. The main driver is generally that they feel misjudged, unjustifiably accused, or that their activities have been confounded here and there—whatever sullies their hopeful mental self view. It is difficult for Aquariuans to communicate their annoyance, in light of the fact that despite the fact that they think about everything literally they are continually terrified of being considered counter-intuitive. They are specialists at keeping up the high ground, and are bound to manage upset sentiments through mockery, haughtiness, or cautious avoidances. So from the start, they’ll push their own outrage out of view. It’ll consume them, a gradually moving lower twisting and exchange with their own self-loathing. Whenever they’re set off everything comes rising to the surface in a mass-ejection of tangled clarifications.

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