How to Choose a username or Nickname for Chatting?


Choose a username

Choose a username

A great nickname is sort of a calling card. It says who you might be and shortly units you aside from different individuals with the identical identify. Whether or not you want to undertake a brand new moniker for sensible causes or simply for enjoyable, right here is how to decide on a nickname primarily based by yourself identify and make it stick.

Technique 1 Weighing the Choices

  1. 1Have a look at your identify. Take into consideration shorter names that may be hidden inside it. For instance, the identify Steven accommodates the shorter identify Steve. The identify Alfred accommodates Al, Alf, Fred, and Purple. These names in flip may additionally have nicknames, equivalent to Alfie (for Alf). Many individuals select a nickname primarily based on their very own first identify as a result of it’s straightforward for themselves and others to recollect.
    • Final names will also be a superb supply of nicknames. For instance, individuals whose final names start with Mc- or Mac-, as in John McClane, generally select to go by the nickname Mac. A final identify itself will also be a nickname.
    • Take into account letter combos in your identify which may not be common names, however that are straightforward to say. Somebody named Steven would possibly take into consideration going by Te or Ven.
    • Nicknames primarily based in your identify will be spelled nonetheless you want. “Mack” works simply in addition to “Mac.” The pronunciation is extra vital than the spelling.
  2. 2Have a look at your hobbies and skills. When you’ve got a popularity for doing one thing properly or standing out in another approach, it may result in a nickname. Somebody with a loud, booming yell would possibly go as Boomer. A really good individual is typically known as a “mind;” Mind will also be a terrific nickname. To make sure that the nickname you select references your personal identify, search for nicknames that share a primary letter together with your identify, or that rhyme with it.
  3. 3Examine your loved ones heritage. The locations you grew up, in addition to the locations your ancestors lived, can generally present nice nicknames. Folks with ancestors within the Netherlands may select the nickname Dutch; an individual who grew up in Texas would possibly go as Tex or Texie. A robust sense of connection to an ancestral tradition also can present nicknames that imply the identical factor as your identify means, however in one other language or cultural custom.

Technique 2 Selecting the Excellent Nickname

  1. 1Discover your favorites. Write down all of the names you got here up with, after which say them aloud. Introduce your self as each and take into consideration how they sound to you. In case you are having hassle deciding which names sound higher than the remaining, take a while away from the method and return to it in a day or so. The aim is to search out one identify you favor above all of the others, plus a few alternate options.
  2. 2Check the waters. Along with your most popular nicknames in thoughts, converse to these round you and see what they suppose. It may be troublesome to get a nickname to stay if others don’t prefer it. Ask associates to name you by your most popular nickname. If they appear sport, the nickname is more likely to stick. If they aren’t on board with the concept, it might be time to attempt one among your alternates as an alternative.
  3. 3Rock your new nickname. Now that you’ve discovered a nickname your pals are prepared to name you, introduce your self to others utilizing it. Ask lecturers and new employers to name you by it. Take into account going by your nickname on social networking websites equivalent to Fb. Your new nickname will probably be cemented very quickly.

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