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Someone around you will try to involve you in a needless power struggle. The key here is to keep an open mind and a calm demeanour so that you do not end up playing someone elseメs power games and getting involved in complications. If you keep an eye out, you can easily avoid this and have a perfectly nice and worry free day.

You’re ordinarily pretty impulsive and positive, but you might run into a few obstacles today — not literally, but more like emotional roadblocks. It could be anything, but it’s likely to be something from your past. Whatever it is, it’s tugging at your sleeves, trying to tell you something. Take the opportunity to look at whatever has been going on lately and figure it out. You might get answers that get you moving in the right direction, particularly if you’ve got someone close to talk with about it all.


There is a strong possibility that you will meet someone from your past today and that person is likely to play an important role in your future. Be ready to offer and accept help without reservation as that can open up a completely new and exciting avenue for you. Change in your case can only be rewarding now.

A shockingly positive response comes your way if you make yourself available. It’s essential to take a hard look at your motivation before speaking. Are you just giving voice to feelings that satisfy your immediate desires, or are you thinking long-term? Are you only considering smallish ego concerns, or are you thoughtfully weighing the benefits to all parties? When you speak from the heart, you get the right kind of feedback.


The day may start with some confusion. A person with spiritual bent may come to your rescue. The person will guide you. You may follow his advices as they are given with a pure intention today. You may also be inclined to visit a holy place today. Second half of the day will pass smoothly. You may enjoy with friends.
Getting things done is what it’s all about, and your energy gives you twice your usual powerful impact, particularly when you’re dealing with personal finance. If you’ve got a goal you’re working on, like paying down debt or saving for retirement, you should be able to lay down serious plans and take bold steps toward getting there. It all comes together sooner than you’d think, especially if you take thing slowly.


Time seems to crawl for you right now. But be patient and keep retaining your eagerness. However you may be required to put your personal goals aside for the sake of commitment or a personal relationship. Time to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings with your partner. Do not bother much; with proper management you will be able to fulfill both your agendas.

Financial issues have to take precedence today. Go right ahead and devote your spare moments to taking another look and deciding if there are any other ways to scrimp. You may actually enjoy this kind of thing today, but you are also perfectly suited for it now. Your people may be envious of your newfound ways — just make sure to pay attention to them when they ask for your company. You can’t spend all day staring at a spreadsheet!


The time is just right to indulge in some light-hearted fun with friends. Go out for a party or a fun filled evening and you are likely to become the life and soul of the festivities. In the course of this you will meet someone who will enjoy the same things as you and will also recognize your potential.
Try something different now — or at least different from how the world sees you. While you may have a reputation for serious diva potential, you also have a gentler, even humble side that shines brightly on days like today. Go right ahead and take it down a notch while you think about everyone else first. It’s great to realize just how well-rounded you can be when it comes to the full range of human expression.


You need to be humble to endear yourself to your friends. You may have assumed an arrogant attitude without even being aware of it. So, this is the best time to start analyzing your past activities rather than criticising others. It is a rare opportunity of introspection for you and you should take full advantage of this reflective mood to get closer to yourself.
You sometimes need to have things settled before they’re ready — and if there’s squabbling going on between your people, it’s even more important. Try a little diplomacy, as your calm, focused demeanor can help everyone else chill out and see the matter at hand without the blinders of ego, but only when they’re ready. Working toward a solution as a group should work if everyone is concentrating on what’s best for the group.


You are in a fanciful mood today. Role playing and fantasies hold unusual attractions for you. You find romance everywhere and have an active fantasy life which you may get a chance to duplicate in reality. You can impulsively choose to follow an impossible dream, either in your career or your relationship. However, you should not take any major decisions now.

Someone may be picking up on your subliminal distress signals that you’ve been giving off without realizing it. When they reach out, try to let them know how you’re really feeling, instead of shutting them down. You usually love being in the think of things, but if you’re around too many people, you may be more tense than joyous, thanks to deep feelings that demand expression. It’s good you have people who are so sharp!


Today you can risk buying a lottery ticket or buy shopping deals. Winning is quite evident as lady luck will be on your side today. The situation may require you to be a little assertive with your point of view. Your silence may be taken wrongly and will put you in a questionable position. So better not let anyone form an opinion against you.

You know you can’t control how you feel, but you can certainly control how you behave. If you feel like you’re spinning because of some recent trauma, just go ahead and spin, instead of trying to fix it. If you let yourself see things as they really are, you may finally begin to enjoy yourself a little. Learn to give up that sense of control and you can gain a heart filled with peace.


The desire to be successful may get heightened in you today! And you may strive to enhance your writing and oratorical skills today. Try to read some useful tips for achieving the same or get in touch with the experienced people for better guidance. However do not get negligent towards those who have been waiting for your attention and care since long.

Your gut is smarter than your mind right now, so follow its lead when it comes to dealing with that vital relationship — especially if it’s shaky, or just hitting a rough patch for the time being. Look for the deeper causes underlying any big issues, instead of coming up with some superficial answer that doesn’t really help in the long run. Set a date to sit down and talk things over if today isn’t the best time for everyone.


The day is going to be calm and quiet ヨ a welcome break after the hectic schedule of the last week. You need to put in some hard work as your superiors are watching you now. A few personal issues may arise which you have completely failed to anticipate. They will take you by surprise, but you will be able to deal satisfactorily with them.

You, of all people, are the least likely to shy away from responsibility — except today, where a deeply personal issue is popping up and forcing its way into your attention. Before you sit down and dream up a way to avoid this problem, why not roll up your sleeves and dive right in? Not only is it not as bad as you fear, it takes considerably less energy than blowing it off.


You feel full of energy and are ready for some seriously hard work today. Your flow of positive energy will even influence others so that you will energize everyone of your team to work better. Even at home you will shoulder much more responsibilities than you normally do, pleasing those near to you. You just need to make sure that this trend continues and you do not burn yourself out.
You hold your tongue the first time because you’re positive that it couldn’t happen again. You hold it the second time when it does happen again, but you’re uncertain how to bring it up. Don’t hold it again — you can’t stand that much stress, and (more importantly) neither can your tongue! If someone close is doing something thoughtless or just plain rude, speak up quickly before your tongue gets too swollen!


Your power of concentration and perception are at their peak now and this makes you extra sensitive to the people around you and their plight. This will help you to mend any past breach. You may come in contact with someone from whom you are estranged. This is a good time to make up the differences, even if it involves a few awkward moments.

You can have a good time almost anywhere and under any circumstances — and if the situation is already pleasant, relaxed and fun, then people should watch out for the party train! Your energy provides just such an awesome scenario, so grab your party hat and boots, call up your best friends and get ready to go out. How often does an opportunity like this come your way?

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