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You feel full of energy and are ready for some seriously hard work today. Your flow of positive energy will even influence others so that you will energize everyone of your team to work better. Even at home you will shoulder much more responsibilities than you normally do, pleasing those near to you. You just need to make sure that this trend continues and you do not burn yourself out.

When you’re in this kind of mood — totally in tune with others — there are tons of people who may try to take advantage of you, weird as that may seem. You need to remember who’s in charge and refuse to let it happen. There’s a piece of good news: you can see the grifters coming from a mile away. Ask all the questions you want — don’t be afraid of offending anyone! They’re not worried about offending you, after all.


There may be a psychological fact which is causing you a lot of discomfort. You may have reminisced about the bad happenings of the past. Go and share your concerns with a friend or a relative and the day will turn out to be a great one for you! These are just certain demonstrations to make you strong in life!

Anything that seems like a good idea works for you today. For now, you’re totally cooperative when it comes to new offers, so go ahead and say yes. If you’re single and someone close wants to introduce you to someone new, accept that offer as well. Why say no to such a sweet gesture? Life is too short to think everything through every time.


After long, today you will feel relieved. An important news will make your day. Parents may find suitable match for their son/daughter. A pending court case will be settled in your favor. A little effort in the career today will give rich dividends tomorrow. Today life seems to be back on track. Enjoy this period with your family.

You have something you need to share, but if it’s personal and you’re not quite comfortable with it yet, hold back for a bit. You usually have no problem keeping quiet about others’ secrets, but being quiet about your own is quite a bit harder for you. That doesn’t mean you should never share, just that you need to take care when deciding who gets to hear the news, and when.


Simply stay away fro people who are full of negativity. They are trying to drill the same in your mind which will make you paralyzed when you are so close to your goal. Try to be at home with your family for most of the time today for peace and to finish up all the pending work. Decorate your room with photographs to relish some sweet memories too.
Everyone has the right to be cranky. That doesn’t mean everyone has to take pleasure in our crankiness, but they should at least try to give us time to get past it. Today is your turn to be cranky, but sadly, your partner or BFF may be under the mistaken impression that’s it’s their turn as well. Putting a little distance between you is probably the smart thing to do, but a bang-up argument may be even better!


You have a talented and impressive personality which will get highlighted in front of everyone today ヨ including both your well-wishers and people opposing you! Pay heed to the advice of the former ones and ignore the rest. Your elders will be there in your support and will guide you well to regain your focus on certain very crucial goals of your life.

Today, you have a rather fiery nature — as anyone who tries you is sure to discover. Still, there’s something to just being nice to people, particularly if you’re dealing with an authority type who doesn’t care about your future. Save the flame strike for recreational pursuits tonight. For the time being, be as accommodating as you can be.


You are high in spirits and energy! Call up your friends and throw a party. Basking in the glory you may be careless towards the danger awaiting you in near future! Do not panic, it does not indicate harm from a person. Your health may get affected due to excess consumption of meals which your stomach cannot digest. So plan for a routine exercise and retain your pep for longer period of time!

That restless feeling is a clear signal that it’s time to try something new. If you haven’t made plans today, don’t wait — a faraway place is calling, and you can’t resist much longer. You’re due for a change and a little break in the action. It could be the beach, the rain forest or the museums of Europe that are screaming for your attention.


The day seems to be full of applaud and praise for you. You may receive award for your several outstanding performances. Your principles of adhering to the truth may even set you as a role model for several people including your competitors as well. Just try to re-evaluate your decisions before making them effective.

You can talk your way out of almost anything. That skill, in combination with your innate charm, helps you find your way through plenty of difficult situations. You’re just about to add a new success to that list: Someone close has been wandering in the fog for quite some time, but you can tell they’re unhappy, and you’re can’t let them keep on this way. Get on it!


You have a crisp tongue and a logical mind. But this ability of yours may suffer today due to your insecure nature. Try to go with the flow instead of opposing it like always. Experience will teach you a lot more worthy lessons which the satiation of your ego can never. Later on you will be at ease and will be full of confidence.

No one can talk you out of taking your life a little too seriously now. That’s even more true of duties handed down to you when someone else dropped the ball. You do have other responsibilities, of course — like to your family, who have been patient and understanding throughout the time you’ve been paying your dues. Let them know exactly how much you appreciate them.


The day is particularly suited for starting something new. If you have been contemplating a change in job or career or switch to a different employer or even starting a new relationship, then this day is perfect for it. Even if a move seems risky, take a chance and it is likely to turn out great and just what you needed to do.

After all the work you’ve done to give yourself a social life, including making time, finishing chores and (reluctantly) delegating overtime responsibilities, you totally deserve to have as much fun as possible tonight. You’re the only one who can ensure it, so if obstacles or delays pop up, don’t let yourself slink back home. You need to enjoy yourself!


You have a lot of trust in yourself, but you should not be overconfident or dominating. Trying to impose your own viewpoints on others may end up in backfiring today. It is not enough to be right. You also need to behave in a way without offending others. A humble approach can help you to complete a number of pending tasks today.

You need to make a big decision regarding someone special, but you’re not quite sure what to do yet. On the one hand, you’re totally ready to get closer to them. On the other hand, you may be thinking about how much time you already spend at work, and how your constant overtime isn’t exactly beneficial to a relationship. You may not realize yet just how beneficial a relationship can be helping you put off that overtime entirely.


Well, today is a lucky day for you. You take yourself and others by surprise by your problem solving abilities. You will leave your office mates impressed. Your confidence will be high and you may be offered a new project. Feel happy and celebrate with loved ones. A friend may visit you today. You may enjoy a fun filled day.

You’re not the most patient of souls, so few people who know you are ever surprised when they hear about your shenanigans. Eyebrows might be raised, but you’re used to dealing with that. For now, though, someone close is asking for help — help that requires an objective mind and dedication to fairness. Can you get it together for them? Sure you can — just lay off the caffeine this morning.


Do not question much over why things happened in an unexpected way or are getting delayed. It may be for your good, the advantageous of which you could not see probably. Experiment something new to bring out the best in you! This will give you a break from your regular and monotonous routine as well.

You are almost certainly getting a little tired of deep conversations, truth or dare, and anything else that even hints at revealing true feelings — for now, anyway! You’ve paid your emotional dues, and as far as you’re concerned, people need to be satisfied with that. If you can’t persuade them to let go and just have fun, you need to find someone else.


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