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This is the perfect day when you can impress those around you with your insight and your understanding of any situation. You will be able Ito offer innovative solution to some major problem at your workplace or for one of your friends. It is an exciting time for you. You need not seek attention. Instead, people will turn to you for your help and support.

You’re feeling quite eccentric, wildly erratic and super-impulsive. Volatile, even! Spontaneous and free are the words people are using to describe you now. You’re not exactly unhappy about it all, either — in fact, you’re loving it! You might be a little worried that your people aren’t quite as tickled about this bold new you. Of course, you can always bribe them with praise or favors.


You are in an outgoing and exuberant mood. A number of opportunities in various fronts will open up in front of you and you are more than ready to take full advantage of them. Following your instincts today can lead to great things both in your finances and in your personal life and relationships. The day is going to be full of events and you are going to enjoy every moment of it.

You may feel somewhat edgy as you work through your daily routines. It could be the fact that there are still a few unfinished projects you need to deal with. Don’t let it get you down — think about everything you’ve got done so far, because that’s precisely what certain higher-ups are doing now. They may have decided it’s time for some much-deserved praise — and maybe a better view, too.


You have probably been feeling ignored in recent days, but today you will grab the attention of all. The limelight will be centred on you and you are going to justify it by rising easily to the occasion. This can be related to the appearance of a new friend, reappearance of an old one or some situation at work.
Someone’s extended absence is probably making you cranky. You need to reestablish contact by any means necessary, even if that means swallowing your pride and apologizing first. If you just can’t pick up the phone to do so, consider how you’re going to feel five or ten years from now. Are either of you likely to remember who made the first move, or will you both just be glad that it happened?


Enjoy communication and even a day trip with an old friend and family. You should stick to those methods in your work which have proved to be beneficial in the past. It is better not to start any new experimental things today. If you are trying to get a job or a project, stick to conventional methods and sell your ideas and abilities strongly and success will surely be yours.

A shared financial arrangement is all set to change, but don’t freak out over it. Whatever happens, the time is right — and it should come about thanks to your own actions. That means you get the ball rolling, and you aren’t left scrambling to find some way to deal. When the news comes, don’t hesitate for even a moment — start thinking about how you can get your brand-new life off to a great start.


Rise and shine today. The stars predict that they have an important job for you. You need to make anyone near you happy today, this act in return will open the flood gate of good fortune for you. However, do not lend money today as you are prone to lose it forever. There should not be any issues with your health.

A shared financial arrangement is all set to change, but don’t freak out over it. Whatever happens, the time is right — and it should come about thanks to your own actions. That means you get the ball rolling, and you aren’t left scrambling to find some way to deal. When the news comes, don’t hesitate for even a moment — start thinking about how you can get your brand-new life off to a great start.


There may be a psychological fact which is causing you a lot of discomfort. You may have reminisced about the bad happenings of the past. Go and share your concerns with a friend or a relative and the day will turn out to be a great one for you! These are just certain demonstrations to make you strong in life!

You’re one of those few people who do more than is required, reliably, without bragging or trying to make others look bad because they didn’t get there first. This often means that people can take advantage of you if you’re not careful, and today is one of those days. If your instincts tell you there’s something fishy going on, or if you’ve been asked for help with something that’s not quite fully fleshed out, get an objective opinion from someone you trust.


A situation is likely to arise in your life where you will have to take a very direct and proactive role. It may appear to be a very difficult situation, but you have the capability of solving it fairly. You will just have to assert yourself, but do not worry. After the crisis is over, people are going to be impressed by your role in solving it.

You don’t mind helping out anyone you love — in fact, you usually figure out that they need help way before they do. If someone close comes to you today for another favor, though, and if you swore that the last time was actually, no kidding, the last time, ask yourself whether you’re really helping, or just enabling? If you’re in any doubt at all, that could be your answer.


A sense of dissatisfaction that has been dogging you for quite some time now will at last begin to fade. You will instinctively know that you have found your niche in life and can follow your calling to achieve your dreams. You will be able to understand what changes must be implemented to make your health as well as your work much better.

Secrets are a part of your life, but you’ve just learned one that you simply cannot share with anyone. It’s so delicate that you’re not even sure you should have heard it in the first place. Now that you do, you can’t help but research a little bit further. Once you have proof — and knowing you, that shouldn’t take too long — you need to decide what to do next. Rely on your seriously powerful intuition.


A close friend may share some vital secret with you. You need to be very discreet with this information and offer appropriate sympathy and advice. Tackle all the tasks in your life in a constructive way. Your actions are especially powerful now and are likely to have a long term effect on those around you. So, you need to be careful about what you say or do.

You tend to be somewhat excessive every now and again. Overdoing it feels like second nature to you, actually, and most times you don’t even know that you’re doing it. You may even think that everyone is this way — utterly engaged with anything that captures their attention for as long as it lasts. Of course, all that excess can add up to good fun most of the time. For now, though, you’ve got to dial that urge back.


Your instincts are in overdrive today and you should trust them and do exactly what they say. Even if everyone around you disagree and follow a different path, you should stick to your own path. It will probably be a tough decision to make, but you will soon reap the rewards. You have to keep your eyes and ears open and act fast to seize the opportunities that may come your way now.

You sometimes get the urge to have a totally extravagant, utterly unnecessary shopping spree, despite what others may think. Since you’re one of the very few people who rarely buy much for yourself under ordinary circumstances, that means that it’s finally your turn. It’s all good, you can afford it and everybody deserves the chance to do right by themselves.


You are a simple person and that is why you lack tactics while dealing with relationships. This may cause you to suffer even at times but it is all momentary, simplicity will rule over anything manipulated. Keep your sensitiveness in control. However you may be able to spend some good time with your dear ones as well.

When a good reason pops up for you to cancel plans you thought to be absolutely unskippable — plans you wanted to rid yourself of anyway — you find yourself suddenly in a much better mood. Now that the universe has stepped up to the plate, you need to show some appreciation — and at least feign disappointment when you let the others know that they have to get along without you. You can try to make it up to them later.


The day may start with some confusion. A person with spiritual bent may come to your rescue. The person will guide you. You may follow his advices as they are given with a pure intention today. You may also be inclined to visit a holy place today. Second half of the day will pass smoothly. You may enjoy with friends.
You really don’t know how charming you can be when you’re not trying (in fact, especially when you’re not trying). Right now, no matter how hard that rabidly jealous person in your life is trying to catch you in that crazy scheme they think you’ve got going — maybe lavishing attention on the wrong person for the wrong reason — your honest charm saves the day.


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