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Experience is the best teacher and you need to get guided by it presently. Do not ignore the lessons of the past and save yourself from the sufferings it can cause in future. Try to help the needy people, be it children or be it aged ones! Doing this will help you walk the right path no matter how much you are getting deviated from it.

Some accuse you of being excessive and unwilling to stop at just one — of anything. Yet this also means that you aren’t short on company for the next day or so, as if you ever really are. Your personal energy is already as hypnotic as a fireworks display. Add your new vibrations and you’re nearly impossible to refuse — even to someone who has recently distanced themselves from you.


Mood swings are likely today and even you will not be able to explain why you are feeling so disturbed and how to change the situation. Your erratic behaviour and response will leave others confused. However, do remember to stick to honesty in all situations as that alone can help you to achieve your goals. Take things easily today and confine yourself to the role of an observer.

check into your recent financial adventures, and you should find that someone hasn’t been entirely honest in the cash flow department — which could mean that it’s time for some real changes. Should you cut them off entirely? It depends on the details, as well as their intent — and, of course, on whether they’ve done it before. At the very least, resolve not to trust them blindly anymore.


You can speculate easily what is about to happen. And you have an expressive attitude with impressive communication skills. So just strive hard for what you want! Refrain yourself from getting into any altercations with aggressive people who are always fault finding.

There’s only one person you can always count on to be able to keep up with you — or at least to want to try. Right now, with the energy flowing pretty much everywhere, you’re finally at a loss, as you’re not sure what to do to celebrate. Ring up your zippy pal, pull out all the stops and go for the most ridiculous, excessive or (gently) risky activity you can possibly come up with.


Lady Luck has been smiling on your finances for the last few days and your spending has gone up accordingly. It is now high time to put a brake on the high spending. You need to curb your extravagances now. Something may happen in connection with your family or someone close to you which can create a vague sense of disquiet in you.

Work has most likely been hard to focus on recently, what with someone close doing their best to get you to think about much more interesting things. Right now, with some boss or big customer also demanding your attention, you’ve got to do much more than simply apply butt to chair and nose to the grindstone. You’ve got to concentrate!


You will not feel comfortable dealing with unknown factors now. So, you will try to stick to the tried and proven roads rather than try any experimental approach. New opportunities will come your way today, but you are likely to choose one which you are familiar with rather than the one which seem to offer better rewards. Take this time to complete your old projects now.

This is probably the start of a sweet relationship, or maybe a section of existing relationship, but you’re ready to dive in, and that feeling may have gotten started some time ago. If you make it through the day without any major errors, you deserve some serious props. Once you get to go home, no one can work up the nerve to ask you for anything that’s more involved than a ride home — and that’s only if they live nearby.


You may want to act impulsively and rashly out of a fit of anger. But you are advised to keep your mind stable and think sensibly. You have the power of communication and you should use that in your favor. In order to reduce the level of stress, go for any adventurous sports which you like but do not indulge in carnal pleasures.

Your energy puts you in a much less detail-oriented frame of mind right now than you usually find yourself in. This might leave you feeling a bit confused, but only if you try to struggle. Try not to do so, because for now, anything goes. (Anything on the up and up, that is!) Just feel what you’re feeling and then act on what’s real to you.


Someone around you will try to involve you in a needless power struggle. The key here is to keep an open mind and a calm demeanour so that you do not end up playing someone elseメs power games and getting involved in complications. If you keep an eye out, you can easily avoid this and have a perfectly nice and worry free day.

The other day you were so full of good vibes and diplomacy that you could have easily hit the U.N. and negotiated a win-win peace treaty for almost any conflict. Today, though, things are a little different. You may need to deal with relatives or coworkers who aren’t feeling quite as warmly toward each other as they should. This could take every bit of your legendary tact and mediation skills.


You are full of positive energy today. However, though you may mean well, your unsolicited advice is not going to be welcome everywhere. You should indulge your impulse to pamper yourself and may end up spending a considerable sum for your own pleasure. However, it is better to check your impulses as far as other people are concerned because your good intentions may be misinterpreted.

You’re not usually so excessive when it comes to money — everyone knows that. Still, every once in a while, you do have one of your days, and this is probably one of them. If you’re not financially solid right now and might not be able to buy just whatever you want, think about channeling your energy in another direction. Try window shopping with someone sweet, or poring over some old catalogs.


There will be unexplained events in your life at this time. Tender feelings flow easily from you to everyone you meet ヨ especially to people of the opposite sex whom you are going to impress greatly. You will become aware of the work that you need to do in order to get along with people both at workplace and at home.

Now is just about the best possible time to be you. First of all, the rest of the world is feeling just as hyped up as you, at least for the time being. Going overboard is kind of your thing, after all, but you do enjoy company sometimes. Does this mean you do what you do best, and go totally nuts? Probably not, but if you get the chance to get a little crazy, go for it. At least everyone should understand — this time.


You may face certain restrictions from the family, possibly due to the trouble from close relatives. It will not last for long but will affect you severely so just ignore it till it gets over. Today you will spend money in buying useful assets and will be busy with household related work, may be selling the least important equipments or just a regular clean-up of the house.

You feel a bit out of control and lavish — and uncharacteristically unconcerned with whether or not you’re spoiling anyone. On the other hand, your penny-pinching nature is screaming desperately in the depths of your mind, begging you to remember next month’s credit card bills. Ignore it — the devils need to beat the angels, at least for the time being. Why go halfway? When was the last time you went all-in? It’s long past time for you to have some serious fun.


Friendship is the theme of the day. You can meet up with old friends or may be suddenly visited by one of them. You are also going to help one or more of your friends out of a tight spot today. On the other hand, a friend may come down hard on you, but you should not feel bad. He or she is unloading on you because he / she have her / his own problems and that is why he is reacting like this.
Going crazy in a good way and going way over the top now and again is something you’re used to — but your schedule for the day could convince you to go even crazier than usual. Why fight it, or try to control yourself? When you’re in the company of your people, you are at your best, and you just don’t want to stop. Better still, someone with a voice you find intoxicating is about to come by and eradicate all your remaining reserves of willpower.


You need help and the quicker you realize this the better. A timely call to a friend or a mentor can go a long way to establish your peace of mind and position in life. The changes that you have been resisting will begin to make more sense and you will begin the process of implementing these changes. Do not let your ego stand in the way of practical necessity.

Head home today as early as you can. You just aren’t in the mood to deal with that one boss or important client who doesn’t see things the same way, and you may feel the need to tell them off — or even to let them know that they’re just plain wrong. That sweet reputation could give way to something with more of an edge, which may be good or bad for you. If you’ve been bottling up your rage, you need to work it out through exercise or some other harmless activity.

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