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You may be going to host a big conference or seminar today. But slight confusions with the availability of the venue at your desired time may put you at an embarrassing position in front of every one and you may have to cancel the event! You have to keep your cool in such a situation and keep acting positively.

If you keep moving at this rapid pace, you might end up tripping over your shoelaces, or even falling on your face! It’s far too tempting to simply rush ahead, especially when you’ve gotten used to this kind of speed, but your energy is warning you to hold back during moments like this. If you can keep your eyes on what’s right in front of you, your progress should be smooth.


You may examine changes in your lifestyle which could possibly establish a balance between your work and health. You can drop an email to one of your close friends asking about the solution for the same. These changes will make you comfortable. You may align yourself with right people and they will let you determine the purpose of various goals.

No one can truly appreciates earthy pleasures quite like you, and right now, your heightened senses are even sharper! Head outside and wander through the grass, take an extra-long swim or stop to build the optimal sandcastle at a local beach. Connections to nature ground you in a really good way, and make you more capable of dealing life’s little stresses.


People are very much receptive to your charming ideas at this point of time. You must leave no chance to make people yield to your wishes. Keep your controlling attitude in check which can work against you if left unchecked. You may receive some unexpected news from a close one so keep your mind open to it.

Is someone trying a little too hard to poke their nose into your business? If you want to keep your private business private, you need to do something out of character and keep silent. Not only does that totally confuse any gossips out there trying to pry, it should also give you some much-needed space to clear your head and get a handle on everything that’s going on within and without you.


Today, you will develop a natural tendency towards stubbornness. Unfortunately, you will probably dig in your heels even when you logically understand that doing so is not in your best interest. Lighten up. You need to think clearly and do what your mind suggests instead of acting on your instincts. If you do manage to unbend a little, the situation can be resolved faster and you will be much happier.

It may seem trivial to figure out where to seat everyone at a dinner party, but that’s because you’re the master of orchestrating such events — especially when they take place in your home. This business occupies you now, and rightfully so! You know that happiness is increased when great care is taken with all types of matters — big and small. Whatever you’re planning is sure to be a hit.


Today is an important day for you as you may develop contacts with someone either residing in different city or abroad. The contact will be helpful for your career. Do check your mailbox as you may receive an important mail regarding an opportunity. Friends living abroad may invite you to work with them. White is a lucky color for you today.

Think of your recent misfortune as an auspicious sign — if you hadn’t hit this bump and just carried on, as usual, it almost certainly would have exploded in your face at exactly the wrong time! As it stands, you have plenty of time to fix whatever isn’t working and get yourself back in the game. Be grateful for this downtime — at least it gives you a chance to take care of business with somewhat less pressure.


This is the perfect day to reassess the current situation of your life and prioritize your projects. If you have been lazing for some time now and letting work pile up, today, you will find an amazing surge of energy which will help you to organize your projects satisfactorily. This is the best time to discard those which are no longer useful and finish the others instead of starting a new project.

Does your recent desire for excitement have you itching to push beyond your usual boundaries? It may be newly acquired, but it certainly speaks to some ancient needs you’ve put on hold for far too long. Right now you may feel invincible and ready to try anything, especially if it’s not a normal part of your routine. It’s time for you to explore the possibilities.


Life has been full of ups and downs lately. But soon you are going to get rid of all these. Maintain your optimistic attitude like always and things will work out better. People may approach you for help and this is good, being busy will make you forget all your worries.

You’ve got the touch when you’re dealing with any personal situation — especially when you need to use your ear. Your excellent listening skills are just what you need when someone close comes to you with grievances, even though you’re not on the list (thankfully). Your ability to hear people out without interrupting or injecting your opinions is so healing and graceful that they are sure to adore you even more.


You may head for an unplanned adventurous trip. It may be within the city or it may be slightly short. But the idea is to have lots of fun and that you will definitely have. You may wipe your differences with someone close to heart. It was pending for long but as you get face to face, you may want to let go the past.

Shake up your social life so that it serves a higher purpose. You need to find ways to benefit others in all your interactions, from the very smallest to the very largest. Your energy emphasizes altruism and service, but don’t worry about who to help — your inner eye makes sure you’re connecting with the right people, so your good deeds fall right into place.


Certain crucial planets are lining up in such a way that you will be presented with a rare opportunity to heal and make amends. You would be able to confess to some wrong that you have done in the past and will be able to atone for it. In doing so, you will be able to remove a great burden from your soul.

If it feels like the professional pressure is mounting, you need to turn your attention to getting the job done. That proves that you mean what you say, and also that you have the chops to back it up. Keep your eyes open and focused, and avoid all distractions (including all the drama your colleagues are dreaming up right now). You know exactly what’s necessary.


Tell your panicky inner self not to get intimidated by the issues surrounding you. The problems are clouded by various factors for which others are responsible and not you! All these matters are trivial and will get resolved in no time. Plan up for recreational activities to relieve yourself from the stresses!

You’re always willing to work hard, even when the results don’t show up until far in the future. You, more than most people, understand the value of laying the groundwork and paying dues. Not only should your efforts ensure long-lasting success, but after all the time, energy and sweat you’ve put into it, you should be better able to handle (and maintain) that success when it does arrive.


You are going to receive some unexpected good news. It may be related to your career or personal life, but it will result in financial gain for you. It will also show you the path to future gains of the similar types. You are going to be in an upbeat mood and will infect everyone around you with optimism and happiness. Enjoy the time with friends and family.

You know that you’ve3 got to back up your words with action, and your energy couldn’t be better for doing just that now. You shouldn’t have to make threats, but it’s prudent to gently remind people that they’re dealing with someone who is willing to step up to a challenge when the chance presents itself. This may come in handy if you run into someone with a hidden agenda.


You have set too high a standard for yourself and you will drive yourself harder and harder to achieve this. It will be difficult to reach your goal and this can lead to a sense of disappointment. You need to realize your own capabilities before you set your goals. The time is not good to take any major decision.

Your energy is definitely working in your favor, especially in anything service-oriented or that puts others’ needs first. Your high-powered sense of compassion is getting a real workout, and you should see great results when channeling those feelings into goals that help your local community. If you haven’t already done so, pick a project and get to work!


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