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While the day indicates that you are going to enjoy great fun, it will be prudent to take some time in the morning and complete the tasks that you have left pending. Also, adjust and coordinate your schedule with other family members and colleagues so that no difficulties or misunderstandings arise later on. You can also get some good news today.

After thinking about big changes for so long (and not breathing a word to anyone), the solution suddenly dawns on you. If you really want to change, you can force yourself out of your rut by moving long distance. It means you have to change your residence, your job, your relationships and your habits. If it sounds refreshing rather than frightening, you need to get busy, because it’s past time.


The day is going to be calm and quiet ヨ a welcome break after the hectic schedule of the last week. You need to put in some hard work as your superiors are watching you now. A few personal issues may arise which you have completely failed to anticipate. They will take you by surprise, but you will be able to deal satisfactorily with them.

We’re all feeling antsy right now, but in your case, that restlessness officially relates to your home and family. Even if you were just fine with it the other day, today’s energy definitely gets you thinking about what your life could be like if things were different. You’re meant to be the instigator of that change, so if your people start asking what’s next, let them in on your plans.


You are going to put every effort in resolving a central issue which is dominating your life right now. Chances are high that you are going to pull away from your social and even financial obligations to take care of this. However, you should know that hurrying is not going to solve anything in a constructive manner. Patience is the key here

You’ve never been the one to turn people down, no matter what they ask. You’d rather go without than let a loved one down. That’s not something most people know — just those closest to you, really. Right now, it doesn’t matter who needs what — you find a way to make a wish come true for someone in a really tight spot.


Life has been monotonous and lackluster over a long period of time. Try to spice up your life with little adventure. It may be a visit to your favorite holiday spot or undertaking some expeditions. Separate yourself from social and personal involvements for sometime to accomplish certain goals needing your full attention.

Something about your home life is about to change — for the better! Whatever it may be, it should come about through your own initiative. That means you’re in charge of the situation, not just trying to find a way to react. When you hear some great bit of news that prompts you to start dreaming of a new way of life, don’t wait to put that plan into motion.


Today you can risk buying a lottery ticket or buy shopping deals. Winning is quite evident as lady luck will be on your side today. The situation may require you to be a little assertive with your point of view. Your silence may be taken wrongly and will put you in a questionable position. So better not let anyone form an opinion against you.

One side of you loves being on stage, with everything right out there for all to see. The other side equally loves secrets and intrigue, especially if there’s some drama involved in keeping it all under wraps. You need to make a decision as to which side deals with today’s situation. Choose between the outgoing, public side and the intense, personal side and stick with it.


Life may leave you with only two choices and it is equally painful to bear the loss of any one of the two choices. Listening to your heart may help you find a way out! In your free time create a list of goals but prioritize them. Your ambitions have increased in number and so has your desire speeded up to fulfill them as soon as possible.

Just when you decided that you’d never hear from that one person again — and just when you were starting to cope — things change. You see or hear from someone who mentions seeing the missing person in question, and that they mentioned you. When we think of someone, it’s often because they’re thinking of us, too. Prepare yourself for a meet-up, and don’t pretend that you’re not happy about it.


The day is perfect for showing your talents. You may act more aggressive or assertive than you generally do and this is going to surprise the people around you. They will be put out of balance and will probably have to revise their opinions about you. This element of surprise can provide you with a much needed edge. Be sure to utilize this to the fullest extent.

You’re one of the few folks who truly consider their coworkers to be like an extended family. Now that you need career advice, it’s only natural for you to turn to an elder from that family to ask for help. The best part of it all is that if you weren’t already sure they felt that same kind of attachment toward you, you find out quite soon.


Cards show that you need to socialize more than ever today! You want to make a transition in your lifestyle and career by indulging in work requiring communication with others. Try to accomplish what all you set out to do! You can maintain a sharp focus on what ever you want to do; just make sure you do not go overboard.

It’s far too easy to keep denying yourself the fun you’ve been wanting to have. Just keep telling yourself that you’ll do it next week (or next month or next year). Luckily for you, there’s someone in your life who can’t let you get away with that kind of behavior — at least not for now. Don’t argue with them, and make sure not to alienate them — in fact, you need to reward them! Take them along for the ride, whether it’s a quick trip or around the world.


Your mind is very active today. You are full of ideas and inspiration. You will be constantly coming up with new plans which you will be able to plan and execute very easily. Your only problem today will be that you may feel overwhelmed by the flood of new ideas that will constantly fill your mind. You are also likely to inspire others around you to a higher level of activity.

If anyone had predicted that by now you’d be totally ready to create a warm, cozy nest for someone you love, your utter shock would only have led you to advise them to seek professional help or brain-boosting herbs immediately. That just goes to show you what a difference a day makes — and a difference a month can make — especially now that the time is right to focus on romance.


You have great capacity to charm everyone today. You are going to impress those around you with your wit and grace. You will win the admiration of everyone around you. Take advantage of this shining period to make new friends and mix with new people and new opportunities will open up in front of you.

You’re often thought of as the family historian, and while sometimes you’re not so sure about that, it’s a title you richly deserve. Your memory stores things that no one else can. Your archives (scrapbooks, videos, whatever) are as completely up to date as anyone’s could be. Your mementos could easily bring tears to the eyes of anyone involved. Now is the time to bring them all out and let the world see how good you are at this job.


You are feeling somewhat confused by the events that are unfolding around you and the various seemingly contradictory information that are coming your way. Your own inner voice is your best guide now. Trust your instincts and do what they are telling you to do and you will learn a lot about yourself and the direction you want your life to take.

Being there for your people when they need you — no matter how inconvenient it may be — comes with some sweet benefits. You get the warm fuzzies that come from helping someone for no reason other than that it’s the right thing to do. It’s also nice to know that people trust in you — it makes you feel good about yourself, and nothing’s wrong with that. A coworker is about to thank you in a new way, which is another perk, but one you’d never really considered.


A new energy will now begin to work in your life. You will suddenly find that balancing family and career issues have now become extremely easy. All your hesitations will disappear and your actions are marked by an unprecedented level of confidence. You will also be able to resolve any ambivalent feeling towards those near to you both in workplace and in the family.

You absolutely adore romance — along with all the dreams, memories and little nothings that come along with it. Now, as that sweet subject is so very easily inspired by your great energy, it’s up to you to get things started. Don’t forget to make sure that while you and the one you love (or want to love) are having fun, that you encourage others to get out there and do the same!


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