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After long, today you will feel relieved. An important news will make your day. Parents may find suitable match for their son/daughter. A pending court case will be settled in your favor. A little effort in the career today will give rich dividends tomorrow. Today life seems to be back on track. Enjoy this period with your family

It’s tempting for you to answer emails, talk on your cell and check your messages all at once today. You might actually be able to get away with all of it, too! However, make an effort to check in with yourself even during the height of your multitasking, rather than trying to seek new heights. It’s vital to see how you’re doing, especially now that your energy is running high.


The day is perfect for showing your talents. You may act more aggressive or assertive than you generally do and this is going to surprise the people around you. They will be put out of balance and will probably have to revise their opinions about you. This element of surprise can provide you with a much needed edge. Be sure to utilize this to the fullest extent.

Focus on the now and put aside any complex long-term plans. There are tons of awesome activities going on right under your nose, and you should explore as many of them as you can. You’ve got plenty of stamina, and you love the buzz that your work ethic brings, but it’s past time to remember that there are other things to enjoy that don’t involve big payoffs. What are you working so hard for?


Friendship is the theme of the day. You can meet up with old friends or may be suddenly visited by one of them. You are also going to help one or more of your friends out of a tight spot today. On the other hand, a friend may come down hard on you, but you should not feel bad. He or she is unloading on you because he / she have her / his own problems and that is why he is reacting like this.

When you bat those eyelashes, people come running to do your bidding — and then want to stay to see what other shenanigans you come up with. Spread that flirty energy all around. It may all be fun and games today, so make sure that everyone knows what’s on your agenda. Those who want to come along are totally welcome, but any downer types are better off at home.


Today you urgently need to understand and master the art of balancing the physical reality with your vision. While your plans are ambitious, you have to understand the actual obstacles top these plans. Otherwise, you are headed for a collision course in spite of all your good intentions. You also need to understand that your plans may be conflicting with those of someone else who is as determined and ambitious as you.

It’s too easy to get caught up in an unimportant issue or distracted by something going on in your mind, so you could miss the main point. Don’t let that happen now, or something vitally important could pass you by. Keep your wits with you and just focus on what’s right in front of you. That should ensure that you don’t miss a thing. Record what’s going on so you can review it later!


It is high time that you took a break from your hectic schedule and have a calm look at your surroundings and your condition. You have been rushing about fulfilling your various obligations. Now, you have completed all that you can do and it is time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your planning and your efforts.

Where would you find yourself without the support of your best friends? There’s nothing like such support to remind you how fortunate you are — and to inspire you to new heights. That’s even truer right now when, as you let big plans churn in that brain of yours and need trustworthy folks to brainstorm with. Listen to their ideas after you’re done talking, too. It’s only fair!


Today you will volunteer to maintain harmonious environments both at home and at the workplace. It will be an exciting experience and will amplify your motivation to work for peace. However do not reveal any private information to anyone and be prepared to digest the bitter truth in case you have to learn it!

‘Think twice, speak once’ should be your motto for the day, and it should serve you well when it comes to personal matters. Actually, it’s not such a bad habit to get into at work, either! Your mind is moving at a quicker pace than usual, so if you blurt out what you’re thinking instantly, it is likely to backfire in a big way. Just make sure you have your mental editor working overtime before speaking face to face.


The mood of the day is somewhat uncertain. You need to be extra cautious while dealing with sensitive people. It is also a time for confrontation and taking decisions. You may be forced into uncomfortable situations that you have been avoiding and make some tough decisions. However, you will be able to take the right decision even under pressure and this will ultimately have a positive effect on your life.

A time of great abundance and new beginnings starts now, especially in your social life. You may be inspired to start up new conversations and new patterns in your social sphere to keep things interesting. In the normal course of events, you are an important connector between people, but today you might run into someone who has access to truly electrifying things! This fresh start is exactly what you need.


You may examine changes in your lifestyle which could possibly establish a balance between your work and health. You can drop an email to one of your close friends asking about the solution for the same. These changes will make you comfortable. You may align yourself with right people and they will let you determine the purpose of various goals.

Your imagination is on fire today! Take advantage of this rush of inspiration and suggest a few changes at work. You normally excel at digging deep and analyzing ideas, but right now is the time to brainstorm, create castles in the sky and think about big projects. Don’t be afraid to think about shaking things up in the biggest way, though implementing those changes should be put off for a day or two at the least.


An elderly person gives you food for thought. Planning and prioritizing has been your strength. Do your bit and things will fall in place. Maintain your calm and practice patience. Someone may visit you today. Take care of your health and find time for relaxing as well. An important financial arrangement is on its way which may prove windfall gain for you.

Keep yourself on your toes by diving into some new challenge — especially if it’s self-imposed. If you’ve always been afraid of heights, it’s time to sign up for skydiving lessons. If it’s public speaking that makes you shaky, volunteer to speak at a big meeting coming up. You should find that confronting your fear directly not only diminishes it but also stimulates your brain in new ways.


Do not let lethargy spoil the day for you. Summon the creative energy that is natural to you and the day can proceed smoothly. You need to work towards restoring harmony and balance in your personal life and even in your health. Ignore the distractions around you and instead concentrate your attention on those tasks where you can actually contribute something concrete.

Cut the excess today. Some believe that nothing exceeds like excess, but you’re definitely not in the opposite camp, and especially now. You’re much hardier, and you know that those with the lightest baggage move at the quickest pace. Whatever you find excessive, heavy or just plain unnecessary you need to leave behind. If it turns out you need it later, you can always improvise.


You are in an inexplicable hurry today. You need to slow down because trying to finish all your jobs in a hurry will result in mistakes for which you may earn censure. Slow down. Pay closer attention to what you are saying and doing. You need to be careful and pay greater attention to details in order to complete your task in a satisfactory manner.

If you’ve learned anything from those old classic screwball comedies, it’s that snappy repartee leads to connections of a deeper — and far more romantic — kind. Whether you’ve been together for ages or are just now exploring new possibilities, make sure you really use your brain when speaking with them. Intellectual interests should lead to plenty more at a time like this.


Watch out! Your competitors may try to weigh you down with proper planning and plotting. But you will be able to cream them up easily! And they will be left with no other option except to praise you for your mouthful achievements. Meet your best pals in order to inject some levity into the grim situation.

One of the best features of great poetry is how any given line or phrase can mean one thing on first reading, but something entirely different (and maybe deeper) when read again. Think of your life as an epic in progress, with various evolving interpretations coming to you over time. Rather than labeling something good or bad, just wait to see what happens next. You are sure to be surprised at their latest meaning.

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