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The day will be marked by mood swings, but fortune will smile on you today. The downside of this is that you may begin to rely a little too much on Lady Luck. Take care that this does not lead to shoddy preparation for your projects. Material gains are likely, but try to guard against splurging unnecessarily. Your run of financial good luck is not going to last very long.

Give a fire some air and you can really feel the heat. Right now you and someone new are sparking off of each other all over, especially when you add your flirtatious rambling into the mix. Make sure that it’s someone you’re really interested in — there’s nothing worse than building up a roaring fire only to have to quickly hose it down with an extinguisher.


You are in an inexplicable hurry today. You need to slow down because trying to finish all your jobs in a hurry will result in mistakes for which you may earn censure. Slow down. Pay closer attention to what you are saying and doing. You need to be careful and pay greater attention to details in order to complete your task in a satisfactory manner.

Are you eating because you need sustenance — or chowing down for other, maybe more emotional, reasons? As one of the earthier people out there, you can sometimes respond to stress through your body, and overindulging in food is an easy way to do just that. Just make sure you really need those calories and aren’t simply trying to feed your anxieties. Find a way to nourish your body and soul in the right way.


Today, you will develop a natural tendency towards stubbornness. Unfortunately, you will probably dig in your heels even when you logically understand that doing so is not in your best interest. Lighten up. You need to think clearly and do what your mind suggests instead of acting on your instincts. If you do manage to unbend a little, the situation can be resolved faster and you will be much happier.
You’re full of ideas now, and it’s a good thing, too — because you’ve got more than you know what to do with! Delegate all the stupid details (and the follow-up) to others for now — your job is to just keep coming up with new schemes for people to play with. Your imagination is so deep that it might almost be too much to keep up with. If so, save some of your hot ideas for later.


The day is going to be an emotionally intense one for you. You will bring great passion to everything that you do today and success will follow as an inevitable result. You may have been avoiding an issue because it is too close to you, but today is the best day to tackle this issue and confront it head on.

From answering ancient messages to replying to old invites, you’re the master of tying up loose ends now. It’s not just communication matters, either — anything lying around collecting dust should definitely get some of your attention as well. It’s also time to play catch-up with an old friend or family member, especially if they’ve been sending you signals for a while now.


While the day indicates that you are going to enjoy great fun, it will be prudent to take some time in the morning and complete the tasks that you have left pending. Also, adjust and coordinate your schedule with other family members and colleagues so that no difficulties or misunderstandings arise later on. You can also get some good news today.

Are you stuck in the mire of dealing with career needs and other necessary, but taxing, responsibilities? Your energy has a major change of plans in store for you. Social activities rank high, so make sure everything you do is part of a group. That doesn’t mean that your task list gets thrown out the window, though — it’s more like you and your friends run errands together, and your chores turn into games.


You have a crisp tongue and a logical mind. But this ability of yours may suffer today due to your insecure nature. Try to go with the flow instead of opposing it like always. Experience will teach you a lot more worthy lessons which the satiation of your ego can never. Later on you will be at ease and will be full of confidence.

Keep your head and don’t be distracted by any silly notions or guesswork. Unanswered questions sometimes spark your creativity, but right now you’re better off sticking to the basics and taking care of any details that come up. You find that once you’re in the groove, the time flies by as you take care of all those loose ends that escaped your attention earlier.


You seem to make a shift from your old ideologies to new ones. Do not think differently today, it will badly impact your impression over others. Reassess yourself by introspecting what you actually want before making any move. Good time to buy a new vehicle and other assets for fulfilling home needs.

Though you’re normally the apex of sociability and grace, right now, you rise to even greater heights of social genius with barely any provocation. Indulge your curiosity about different people, places, and things. You’re delighted to discover new interests — and a wide-ranging circle of new people who might turn into lifelong connections.


You will be affectionate and loving towards everyone you come in contact with today! Some one may be moved by your generosity and will confess his or her feelings for you by the end of the day. However bitter experiences are still on your mind, but this is the time to let go off all the negativity and grudges you have been holding onto since long.

Even your best-laid plans need to be double-checked, confirmed and then (sigh) triple-checked before you’re sure that everything should work out right. Your energy demands caution in all business and financial matters, so make sure everything is in order before you sign on the dotted line — or any other kind of line, for that matter. It may take a serious effort, but your peace of mind is worth it.


You have been planning something major for the past few days. Today, you will begin to realize exactly what you have taken on and this may exercise an intimidating effect on you. But, going back is not an option. You will have to take the next steps with confidence and you will soon see that though the task has turned out to be more difficult than you thought, it is by no means impossible.

Boredom is not on your schedule right now, thank heavens. Curiosity and competitiveness are taking up too much room to allow anything else! Take advantage of this buzzing energy to get a lot of things moving. It’s not the time for you to sit down and see things through from start to finish. Instead, you need to just begin projects you’ve been trying to get off the ground for some time now.


It seems to be a day full of contemplations for you today! You may want to make a shift from current housing locality or from your current job even. Do not be in doldrums; it is worth going in for a change. You may receive some help from an unexpected piece of communication from some one who has been wishing well for you secretly!

Immunize yourself against a dangerous case of flakiness that’s making the rounds by ensuring that your communication style is direct and to the point. Others may have a hard time expressing their feelings, which results in lots of time-wasting, but you don’t have to let it affect your work. It may help to rehearse what you want to say ahead of time and to cut out anything extraneous that could confuse your flightier peers.


It is a great day for you. Your efforts may be rewarded in terms of cash. You will be inclined towards buying the best of the utilities for your dear ones! Just be careful of not exhausting out the entire amount without saving some of it! You may spend most cherish able moments with your partner today as the encounter will be quite passionate.

Sparks fly — in the best possible way — when you and the right person get clicking. All partnerships (from romantic to business and beyond) really get moving thanks to today’s energy, and communication has never been as easy or as fun as it is now. Make the most of this energy and discuss all the topics that seemed too touchy just a few days ago. They’re easy as pie to address now.


Today you may have some problem with your transport. If you are going for an important work, double check your alternative mode of transport and keep a backup plan ready. You may be a little agitated from inside. But do not lose your cool as it is just a short phase and will pass by easily. Spend time with your family.

If you felt that certain elements of life were carved in stone, today is the day to shake things up in a big way. Your personal energy is pushing you to stick with generalities, rather than trying to nail anything down. Embrace change and you might encounter some sweet surprises, even when the things you thought you knew for certain start to change before your very eyes.


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