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You may find yourself getting possessive about material things. Do not hold things too tight. Just follow the flow and move with it. You need to be firm about things until you have the answers in your hand. You may also think of shifting your house. It will be good to spread the words to your friends and colleagues.

You’ve trained yourself to relax and count to ten when you feel the fire rising up to color your cheeks. If it happens today, you’re better off putting some distance between you and whoever has turned up the thermostat — especially if that flushed feeling starts creeping around to the back of your neck. That’s a sure sign that the situation is just about to get really tricky. Take a power-walk!


You will feel confident about broadening your horizons even though your family may feel disgusting about it. Commit yourself to what you want to do. Do not work under the cover; bring into light whatever you have been doing. You may find new attachments rushing into your life in the form of friendship.ᅠᅠ

You’ve found a new way to let go of what you’ve been holding onto, though you’re more relieved than delighted about it. You’re also more than ready to show the world that you’re not to be treated lightly. That goes for your own bosses and all other authority figures, too — especially since this may end up seeing you infiltrating their ranks.


You have devoted considerable time and effort to a project and it will start to pay off now. Hard work and determination along with farsighted planning has done the trick. You have also been planning some renovations but have been deterred by financial constraints. Today you will come up with creative ways to accomplish all these tasks within your means.

If you haven’t already made plans to bring together the old and the new, now is the time to put an end to the waiting period. You’re given to worrying like this, and you know it — you’ve done it for a long time. The good news is that if you think about it, all that worrying has never served you well. If it’s friends you’re worried about, quit it. Get them together, let them handle it and see what happens next.


You may meet people who are aware of the vices in you but are unacceptable towards it! As if they have no flaw in themselves. Simply maintain distance from such people. Instead try to recollect about the good people you came across in all these years and if possible establish contacts with them again.

It’s never easy handing out advice, whether it’s invited or uninvited. Either way, the odds are good that the receiver doesn’t actually take it, even after you’ve spent at least an hour reciting your best lines. They listen, then they frown, shake their head and cite a long, drawn-out list of reasons why they can’t possibly put your plan in action. Every now and then, though, you get lucky. Give them at least five minutes before you call it quits.


You will be in a trusting and confiding mood today. The danger of this is you may end up confiding in a person who does not have your best interest at heart. So, be sure of the person before you unburden your soul to him or her. If you have been having a disagreement in the last few days ヨ whether at home or at work, today is a great day to extend the olive branch.

You have the knack for getting along with higher-ups, and it’s only going to get better in the future. That said, if you need to talk with an authority figure about a problem, even if it’s embarrassing, now is definitely the time. You may not be able to solve the issue even with their help, but you definitely don’t feel competent to do it without them. It’s certainly worth a shot.


You have a lot of trust in yourself, but you should not be overconfident or dominating. Trying to impose your own viewpoints on others may end up in backfiring today. It is not enough to be right. You also need to behave in a way without offending others. A humble approach can help you to complete a number of pending tasks today.

Once you make up your mind about a person, it’s tough for you to change it, especially if a long-term dispute is coloring your opinion. For now, it might be best for you to let it all go, no matter what it was all about, and try to let the past truly become the past. Of course, everything depends on whether the issue is forgivable. If so, give it a try — but if not, you may as well be as civil as possible.


You are going to feel more dedicated today and you are going to finish off all the backlogs which may have accumulated today. Clearing this will give you a nice sense of accomplishment and this will be noticed by the people who matter to you. The result is that you will get more appreciation both at home and at your workplace.

Lately, you’ve been feeling that someone you’ve never really trusted much is trying to insert themselves between you and the person (or goal) you’ve been pursuing. If you’re not totally sure about this, just sit tight and try not to do anything that might embarrass either of you. If you are certain — 100 percent certain, that is — then present your case to the right people, who should know how to handle it.


Do not question much over why things happened in an unexpected way or are getting delayed. It may be for your good, the advantageous of which you could not see probably. Experiment something new to bring out the best in you! This will give you a break from your regular and monotonous routine as well.

You need to stop thinking about work so much! At the moment, since it’s gone along so well, you’re ready to focus on the other big part of your life: the person you love. Rather than just saying something directly to let them know how devoted you are, do something subtle to let them see for themselves. That’s more your style, more what they expect and definitely what they want to see.


You are a simple person and that is why you lack tactics while dealing with relationships. This may cause you to suffer even at times but it is all momentary, simplicity will rule over anything manipulated. Keep your sensitiveness in control. However you may be able to spend some good time with your dear ones as well.

As fiery as you can be — and that’s pretty hot — when you say you’re ready to get the show on the road at work, there’s no doubt that it’s all going to come together smoothly. You’re all set to pull off something like that right now, and there’s no stopping you — as long as you manage your time carefully and don’t waste a single moment. You just need to believe in yourself.


The time is right to turn your attention to materialistic comforts. Enjoy your social life now and get in touch with old friends or family members from whom you have not heard for a long time. You will also experience a shift in your consciousness which may come gradually or which may descend on you without warning. It is a good idea to listen to your instincts now.

You’ve been trying to get someone to cooperate with you — to act as respectfully as you know they can. They may not be living up to your expectations, much less their own. Your job is to let go of how you believe they should act and just let them be who they are, even if who they are is disappointing. It’s not an easy task, but it’s essential to help them finish growing up.


You are in an impulsive mood today. You tend to rush into projects without thinking it through and this can create unnecessary problems both at work and in family life. Try to keep a level head, though it may seem to be too difficult now. Several opportunities will arise together and you need to see what works for you and what do not.

Someone you’ve been thinking about fondly for some time has finally come around — or at least it seems that way. There are a few obstacles in their path, many of which can’t move aside easily. The hard part is your urge to clear their way without enlisting any help. Even harder is the absolute necessity of letting go so they can make this happen alone — that’s what really counts.


You will be feeling unaccountably stubborn today and persist in going against what everybody else and your own good sense tell you to do. You need to realize that digging your heels in is not going to solve any problems. You have to be able to open your heart and mind in order to cope successfully with your current difficulties.

Avoid word games for now — they are fun now, for the moment, at least — but once they’re over, you’re left wondering what your people really meant, and they should feel the same way. It’s easier and more efficient to just be sure that every word you exchange is direct and to the point. Start the ball rolling with something deeply honest.






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