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You may be vulnerable to emotions and financial loss today! However you can easily safeguard your interest if you distance yourself from people who are trying to drag you into events for their gain. Just hibernate for the day and heal the wounds which may re-surface upon reminiscing about the past.

When you’re determined to have some totally random fun (that is to say, most days), there’s just no way to move you from your chosen path. That’s even more true when the company you’re in includes someone you’re sure is up for the ride. At the moment, though, you’re a bit torn between doing what’s right and letting your more impulsive side hold the reins.


You will easily get many opportunities to complete your unfinished work on time. Other problems which may crop up will get resolved quickly so do not bother yourself about them. Try to make the most of the day because what ever you will do today, will be successful as well as fruitful. You may be looking for a good advice from someone dear to you.

Whether you’ve just set eyes on them for the first time or you’re just now noticing how awesome they are, you could definitely be feeling love. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known them, of course — it still feels like the first time for both of you. Enjoy it! You’re great at spoiling the ones you love, and goodness knows they are too!


You are feeling much more outspoken today than what you normally do. You have been behaving tactfully for quite some time now and today this may feel somewhat stifling. You are likely to blurt out the unpalatable truth today and this will not go down very well with everybody. It is better to plan for some solitary activity because you are unlikely today to modify your behaviour to suit others.

The phrase ‘multi-tasking’ had to have been coined by someone who knew what it’s like to hang around you as you segue merrily from one duty to another at breakneck speed, yet managing to keep track of each detail from each task while chatting to a small crowd on multiple topics. That particular skill is especially evident now to anyone nearby.


You will not feel comfortable dealing with unknown factors now. So, you will try to stick to the tried and proven roads rather than try any experimental approach. New opportunities will come your way today, but you are likely to choose one which you are familiar with rather than the one which seem to offer better rewards. Take this time to complete your old projects now.

Your usual M.O. is to check with your gut, sitting silently and just listening. Then, and only then, do you knock on the door of your mind — usually, just to see if it’s busy. If the two aren’t seeing things the same way, there’s just no contest. You aren’t known as the ruler of emotions for no good reason. Now there’s a business decision to be made, so guess which side wins out?


Someone has been offering you constant and unwavering loyalty, help and support. Today, opportunities will arise for you to return some of the favour and express your appreciation. In so doing, you may have to take on a difficult situation, but this will ultimately strengthen your relationship. You need to be brave and assertive while displaying kindness and gratitude.

Make your reservations — and don’t worry about taking the time off, either! You’re totally overdue for some good times, and might be starting to to think that the ‘all work and no play’ routine isn’t doing anything for your mood. You’re also wondering if your relationship could benefit from a bit of time away together. Choose your destination — and please don’t forget to ask for input!


Honesty is the watchword of the day. The day is perfect to focus on details of your work or on meticulous tasks which you may have been avoiding lately. You may resist these dull routine tasks, but if you sit down to complete them once, they will go very fast. Expect a sense of goodness from the people who are nearest to you.

There’s something to be said for getting noticed, and that’s exactly what’s on your agenda for now — but also for a while to come. Still, for the moment, you’re more than happy to satisfy yourself with simply knowing that the people who love you care enough to make you feel grounded and totally secure. Be fair, and make sure they know the feelings are mutual!


There may be a sudden uproar of emotions in some one close to you. And the reason could be possibly you! You have a tendency to quickly jump onto conclusions! And have blamed the person for being unfaithful without properly looking into the matter! So you should better inculcate the patience of sitting back and watching the things get revealed at the right time.ᅠ

ᅠ Your first impulse is to walk right past that emotional storm you can tell is brewing. Of course, everyone who knows you knows that you can’t let yourself do that — it’s not in your nature. The people giving you those ‘help us’ signals from across the room know it, too. There’s no use fighting it — stroll right over and ask if there’s anything you can do to help.


You are a simple person and that is why you lack tactics while dealing with relationships. This may cause you to suffer even at times but it is all momentary, simplicity will rule over anything manipulated. Keep your sensitiveness in control. However you may be able to spend some good time with your dear ones as well.

This is your time to play counselor. This time, it’s probably a coworker sending out the distress calls. You’re on your way over to offer assistance, silently cursing those sensitive antennae that just can’t let you pretend you haven’t noticed. Before you arrive, do yourself a favor and resolve to tell them what they need to hear — not what they want to hear.


You have been feeling restless and unhappy for the past few days and today you are ready to take a more proactive approach to the problem. You need to dig deep to understand exactly where the problem lies and today is the best day to start the process. The day is also favourable to plan some projects which you have been ignoring for too long.

It’s not true that you’re only up for fun, games and laughter. Sure, it may be what you do best — and love the most — but when what you’re doing is important to you, you’re just as determined and single-mindedly focused on it as anyone could possibly be. Now, as the need to stop laughing and start getting serious pops up, you tend to it seriously.


The desire to be successful may get heightened in you today! And you may strive to enhance your writing and oratorical skills today. Try to read some useful tips for achieving the same or get in touch with the experienced people for better guidance. However do not get negligent towards those who have been waiting for your attention and care since long.

You know that teaching someone to fish is better than serving one up to them. Feeding the hungry is wonderful and important, but teaching them a skill that can keep them from ever being hungry again is far better. You’ve got what it takes to do that now — maybe for quite a few people — and they’re willing to learn. Sit them down and teach them what they need to know.


Communication is your key today. You may open up to a close friend or loved one. Something has been troubling you for quite some time. Today is the day to vent out your anger and frustration. A solution may surface while discussing. Remember pouring heart out will help you. A surprise waits for you at the end of the day.

Don’t hold back what you’re feeling inside. If a family member or friend is involved, you can’t keep quiet, no matter how much you may feel like you can. At the same time, they’re not able to keep quiet when you’re involved, either. Make sure you do one thing, if at all possible: Try to have the showdown in a place that’s not entirely public.


The day is particularly suited for starting something new. If you have been contemplating a change in job or career or switch to a different employer or even starting a new relationship, then this day is perfect for it. Even if a move seems risky, take a chance and it is likely to turn out great and just what you needed to do.

You typically love having company over — especially the closest of your people. Whether or not you were planning it, this is prime time to do exactly that. Make some calls and get folks over to your place for a wonderful dinner. You’ve got a serious conversation that needs airing, and it’s got to be in private. You can provide everything that’s needed except the other minds.

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