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Events have aligned themselves in such a way that your confidence has taken quite a beating. It will be difficult to conclude any task happily and in a satisfied manner today. You may also come in contact with someone whose negative comments can give rise to a feeling of despondency. Remember that this is a temporary phase and you will soon get your confidence back.

Some wild news comes your way, but luckily, just about all of it is positive for you. The word should arrive via some higher-up you were positive had never even noticed you, much less thought you were worth thinking about. Once you’re past the amazement and you’ve discovered that you weren’t being ignored, you need to make a big decision. A wonderful bolt from the blue should make that a lot easier!


Today, you need to realize that being a prisoner of the past is not going to help you in any way. You need to learn your lesson from the past, but then you will have to let it go. If you can realize this, you can take a giant step towards solving the major problems that you have been facing in your life.

Some news comes your way that you may not know quite what to do with. It likely puts you in the position of making a sudden decision, so be ready. There are several factors underlying the situation, but the last person on earth you’d ever think of should probably be first on your list of suspects. If you need to make your choice based on your instincts, your intuition guides you through it nicely — provided you listen!


You are likely to come across a big idea today and you must not reject it out of hand because it seems too improbable. This is the day to think big and to reach high. You should study the obstacles to your plan well and soon you will find that the obstacle itself will suggest how you can get rid of it.

You’re usually one of the last ones to take things seriously, especially if there’s any way to have some fun. Right now, though, your keen instincts have informed you that something needs to be done right away — and that you’re the only one equipped to make the decision! Fortunately, it just concerns where to go and who to take along as you head out on some kind of grand adventure.


The day is going to be calm and quiet ヨ a welcome break after the hectic schedule of the last week. You need to put in some hard work as your superiors are watching you now. A few personal issues may arise which you have completely failed to anticipate. They will take you by surprise, but you will be able to deal satisfactorily with them.
Your idea of an ideal relationship involves combining your interests (financial, emotional, familial and otherwise), and then assembling them to come up with one solid, grounded asset that you and your loved ones can all share. Does this mean that you’re meeting new acquaintances who know more about these matters than you? That’s likely, but in the meantime, don’t worry about making decisions. Once you come up with the groundwork, the rest is a snap!


You may be presented with plenty of misinformation today. It is better to rely on your own judgment and reasoning rather than listening to and being influenced by others. Try to find the truth at your own pace in your own way and you are likely to arrive at the best decision. A much needed vacation planning is in the air.

You need to stop trying to convince the world that you’re unique and decisive. You may even be ready to choose a partner who’s just as entertaining and fiery as you are! The disappointment you may feel should they disappoint you is likely to be fierce. Still, that’s no reason not to try, and you get over such things pretty quickly, anyway.


The day may turn out to be somewhat bizarre. Event which you never expected have a high chance of happening today. It is important that you take note of the planetary energies and try to understand the direction to which they are pushing you. Detecting the right path at this juncture can have a revolutionary effect on your life.

After months of wondering how nothing ever seems to happen as it should when it comes to your relationships, you’ve reached the point of believing in pure fate. This could mean trying to ignore your friends, some of whom aren’t looking out for you, others of whom feel the need to constantly remind you that you’re doing this to yourself. You need to remember that the only person you owe explanations to right now is yourself.


The day is perfect to embark upon a new program of abundance and prosperity. If you have been feeling undecided about a new project to which you have devoted considerable thought, then this is the perfect time to take action. Whatever you decide to do today will ultimately lead to success. The events of today will also help to shift your perspective regarding money and modify your negative ideas.

Your specialty is taking care of others, though more often than not, that comes at your own expense, without any hope of being reimbursed. Startling news from a family member or an old, dear friend, should finally convince you that it’s time to start taking care of one person, and one person only: Yourself. It may be a brand-new concept, but you need to get used to it quickly.


You are feeling very adventurous and are determined to make your own way today. You are going to conquer all obstacles in your path by sheer determination and the force of your will.ᅠ Nothing is going to hamper your progress today. So, you can schedule all your difficult activities today and you will find success in them coming quickly and without hassle.

Clear your throat and prepare to make the big announcement. You need to immerse yourself in nothing but the best interests of Number One. It’s your turn to treat yourself to a stretch of being nice to yourself and no one else. In your case, the deeper side of your mind is what makes you personally happiest. Intimacy, intensity and maybe just a touch of intrigue are vital.


You are planning to go for higher education and today you will receive lot of offers for the same from prestigious institutions which may offer you scholarship even. Just be careful while making preliminary arrangements and gathering information. Someone is trying to take advantage of you as well.

You’re famous for consistently being game to experience the last thing on earth anyone else might try, and then tell everyone you know all about it. Today’s nutty energy is perfect for you. An invitation sets you off on a path that includes not just adventure, but a new and improved relationship with a good friend or sweetheart. No matter how subtle the invitation may be, you’re up for it.


You are feeling creative and ready to get a number of things done. However, a very real fear of what others will think and say may be holding you back. You need to realize that the right attitude is actually half the battle won. Paradoxically, though you feel creative and energetic, your self confidence is actually at a low level.

Several big influences conspire to cause some object in your possession, be it electrical, mechanical or electronic, to shirk its responsibilities. Your first impulse may be to go after it with a hammer since vengeance comes first and simple tools can’t fail you. If you avoid that destructive impulse, you should find someone who can actually repair the offending item, or maybe show you the manual.


You tend to be overtly self critical today. Most of your worries are groundless and you know it. Still, you cannot help but worry. The only way to deal with this is to communicate your fears to someone who is close to you and will be supportive. You need a second opinion regarding the seriousness of the problems before you drive yourself distracted.

Just when you thought you were done informing the world how exactly it should be run, you’ve discovered that certain key elements just aren’t cooperating. You may be up for a few days of instructing them in the right way to go about their business, and you should rally if it means convincing them to toss their loyalties aside for the moment. For now, just do what you do best: Win them over with pure logic.


It may be a day of introspection and re-evaluation of your principles. You may question yourself and your partner for the past decisions. Still you will follow a very supportive approach towards your partner and you expect the same in return. There is absolutely no harm in adopting new ideologies in life when the former ones do not seem to be working well anymore.

You should be more than ready to wear your heart on your sleeve, even when you’re supposed to be tough and insensitive. Does this mean you’re invulnerable at the moment? In a way — but only on the surface. Just in case it only goes skin deep, call someone you trust to come along and chaperone, especially if you’re about to venture into unknown, inhospitable territories.


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