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A new energy will now begin to work in your life. You will suddenly find that balancing family and career issues have now become extremely easy. All your hesitations will disappear and your actions are marked by an unprecedented level of confidence. You will also be able to resolve any ambivalent feeling towards those near to you both in workplace and in the family.

Haste does indeed make waste, and you’ve definitely been known to act hastily from time to time. Try to slow down now and get your bearings before taking any action. You need to take all the input available into account. In particular, you need to balance the effects of your demanding intuition and your equally demanding intellect. How can they both be right? Sort that out and you’re on your way.


Everything seems to fall into their proper place today and all your endeavour will meet with success. You may even recoup losses which you have incurred earlier. As a result you tend to be overly optimistic about possibilities at first. Try to guard against the tendency to take risks without checking out the opportunities in depth. A sudden unexpected encounter may catch you off guard today.

Those who think of you as a stick-in-the-mud are getting really surprised right now. Your ability to think outside the box is quite impressive, and so is your unique way of expressing your ideas — and then putting them into action! Cultivate these innovative approaches — at work, at home, on dates, everywhere — and you should soon be reaping some pretty amazing rewards.


You are going to pay a lot of attention to details today. You are likely to be involved in detailed planning of a project and you are going to be very thorough about it. You are feeling very industrious and this will be reflected in your job. You are also going to earn acclaim for this. A spurt of creativity will mark every aspect of your day.
Your charm has got kind of sharp edge right now, and it might dumbfound a few timid types — but, conversely, it could also result in some amazingly hot repartee with those quick enough to keep up. Choose your topic (or let it choose you) and set the debate in motion. You’re outrageous — and also outrageously funny! Someone who’s your rare intellectual equal finds it incredibly sexy, too.


News about financial gain may make you and your loved ones happy. There is a sense that things are positively turning around. You are pleasingly presentable. Go out and meet people. New opportunities will sprout from your associations which will prove beneficial in the long run. You may bring a change in your house either structurally or family wise.

Being as sensitive as you are is all too often considered a negative trait, but it also means that you’re totally engaged with the world — with all your senses and all your heart. Now is the time to let go of your fears and let those sensitive nerve endings be totally exposed. You may always wonder what could have been otherwise — and you’re much, much stronger than you think.


You see a lot of chaos and confusion. But it is only the packaging. As the cloud subsides, you will see the reason. There is so much offered to you that initially it appeared messy to you. Take your time and follow the trends. You will see a huge prospect. Change is inevitable and it has the capacity to paint your future bright.

Your energy flow has been a bit impeded lately, which has had you feel like the universe just isn’t cooperating with your best efforts. Get ready to start moving again, because now things are starting to flow properly once again. Be proactive — at work, in love, even with little personal projects — because you can see amazing results. Let the good times roll!


Your every thought and attention is now centred on your career. Actually, you are devoting too much time and attention to it because you are apprehensive. Instead, you need to lighten up a little but you will still be able to achieve what you want. It is vital to pay attention to your family now to balance your work-holism.

You know you need to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and while you’re smart enough not to make enemies, sometimes they choose you. maybe you can transform that undercurrent of competition into healthy collaboration. It’s one great way to impress everyone with your ability to think creatively and take the moral high ground. You look good up there!


The time is just right to indulge in some light-hearted fun with friends. Go out for a party or a fun filled evening and you are likely to become the life and soul of the festivities. In the course of this you will meet someone who will enjoy the same things as you and will also recognize your potential.

If you’ve been looking for fresh inspiration, here it comes! It may nothing at all like what you expected it to be — in fact, something (or someone!) rather ordinary could transform into something that can challenge you in a life-changing way. It may more than a little rattling at first, but once you get used to it, you feel incredible.


You are full of positive vibes. But do not try to spread it among others. People will not welcome your advice! Being silent in spite of loaded with creative energy may make you feel depressed. But do not bother as your recognition is going no where, it is just being postponed. Control yourself from indulging in momentary pleasures which will cost you heavily in future.

While those around you are losing their heads, yours is firmly planted right where it belongs. What seems insurmountable to mere mortals just whets your appetite for discovering amazingly creative solutions using your intense determination, penetrating intelligence, investigative probing and, of course, all your secret talents. Everyone else is trying to retreat — you’re the only one ready to move forward.


Life has been monotonous and lackluster over a long period of time. Try to spice up your life with little adventure. It may be a visit to your favorite holiday spot or undertaking some expeditions. Separate yourself from social and personal involvements for sometime to accomplish certain goals needing your full attention.

Get out your list of places you must visit in this lifetime and add a few new ones — those in your personal zeitgeist, which keep coming up over and over and sound simply amazing. Now is the right time for you to reprioritize your travel desires. If you could go anywhere right now, which would win out? Move it to the top, then figure out which others are close enough to hit in one trip. Find the time — as soon as possible.


There is so much action around you that is eating your attention and time. Do not waste your time in trivial matters. Rather concentrate and then only you will find a gush of free spirited energy. If you find that, you will find gold in your life. Do not shy away. Look carefully and act before itメs too late. The key to success for you is to prioritize.

You know that the stuff available at the mall just isn’t going to cut it — you don’t want to find something special and then see it walking down the street toward you, or on the wall at a restaurant. Shopping online feels like delayed gratification, so you might feel frustrated. It’s time to look for unique treasures made by local craftspeople, artists or jewelers — or to root around at a flea market or antique mall.


You are going to offer some good advice to someone close today and it will be accepted with gratitude. You are in a very understanding and mellow mood today. This is a great time to connect with people from your past. Ring up a close school friend and you will get great joy in getting in touch. It is also the best time to put away past differences.

You know that life’s not a popularity contest, but if it were, you’d definitely be an odds-on favorite now! People are engaging your intellectual side and catching your interest more than ever, and when you’re engaged and interested, your charm turns into a superpower. Whether you’re channeling all this good social energy into excellence at work, into an existing relationship or into something brand-new is totally up to you.


You are going to be in an especially easygoing mood today. No issue have the power to disturb you and you tackle every situation with a smile on your face. You may also play the role of an effective mediator in any dispute today. You are going to spread cheer and goodwill and you are also going to be the life and soul of any party that you attend in the evening.

Money mixed with love can make a sticky mess, and a little of this kind of stickiness is on the way. If you’re shy about dealing with it, you’re likely to create even more of a mess, along with debt and resentment. Table your emotions for now and just get the figures on the table so that everyone involved has a clear idea of what’s really going on. It may be hard to get started, but you should feel better once you do.

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