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The highlight of the day is communication with a person of influence which can have a long term impact on your life. You may also come in contact with a person or a situation where you are pitted against an opposite point of view. You need to be able to take constructive criticism and stick to your point without becoming rude

Before answering that call, remember the big project you’re so wrapped up in right now. If your caller is the kind of person who either can’t let you get off the phone easily or may have an equally involved project they desperately need your help with, you can let it go to voicemail or find a way to distract them. Caller ID is your best friend today — if it’s not working, don’t answer!


You are likely to spend quite a lot on matters like furnishing, clothes and cosmetics. However, you will be able to stop your spending just short of extravagance. You are also likely to give expensive gifts to someone you love and this is definitely going to be appreciated. However, you need to verbalize your feelings so that your gestures become more meaningful.

You’ve been doing some serious thinking lately, and you’ve got plenty to say — all of it quite intense! In fact, you may also be up for a bit of detective work, especially when it comes to an intimate relationship. That doesn’t mean that anyone has you right where they want you, necessarily. As is so often the case, you’re the one in the perfect position. If you want to play fair, you may want to mention that upfront.


A major advancement in money and career is indicated today, but it is essential that you do not ignore your family in search of material gains. In fact, you will also experience a surge of spirituality today. You are likely to feel somewhat torn by the influence of these contradictory forces, but will actually be able to balance them quite well.

You love puzzles, but you also love intensity, depth, and drama — and maybe even melodrama, on occasion. This is one of those times, especially as it pertains to your closest relationships. If someone tries to get your feelings out of you, you may just give them a few unimportant details that lead them to think they’ve got it. It’s amazing how easy it is to direct the herd if you’ve got a good leader!


You need to take a pragmatic look at your situation, especially the economic condition. Splurging may be fun, but it is causing needless pressure on your family funds and you need to become aware of this. You have to keep a cool head and try to understand the viewpoint of the other family members as far as financial matters are concerned.

A coworker or friend pulls you aside with a worried look on their face. They probably need your advice, counsel, and the benefit of your wisdom — not to mention one of your world-famous hugs! You can do an awful lot of good by sharing your experience. Once that’s done, however, don’t forget that you have a life of your own, complete with someone who wants to share a much bigger part of it.


Time to choose between fun and freedom. You will be allowed to be free if you have the sense of responsibility. Although after putting excess of hard work you will not be able to reach your desired goal but perseverance will pay off later so keep working. Do not get embarrassed when it comes to financial conditions. They will gradually improve with time.

Even when one’s children (yours, maybe) start behaving more like short, ruthless dictators than divinely perfect darlings, they’re still lovable. If your kids — or your partner’s kids, or adults who are acting like kids — are acting up now, there’s just one thing to do: Call a babysitter. Put some distance between you and that sweet little cherub or chorus of angels. Even if all you do is sit in a parking lot listening to the car radio, you are sure to reclaim your cool.


You are going to be in an especially easygoing mood today. No issue have the power to disturb you and you tackle every situation with a smile on your face. You may also play the role of an effective mediator in any dispute today. You are going to spread cheer and goodwill and you are also going to be the life and soul of any party that you attend in the evening.


People are very much receptive to your charming ideas at this point of time. You must leave no chance to make people yield to your wishes. Keep your controlling attitude in check which can work against you if left unchecked. You may receive some unexpected news from a close one so keep your mind open to it.

You may be torn between keeping one hundred percent silent and letting every pertinent fact become common knowledge. Your real dilemma, though, is deciding whether it’s more important to maintain your own authority or to please the one just above on the ladder. Once you’ve figured it all out, don’t waffle. Let the rest of the world play games — it should be fun to watch!


You may embark on an unlikely partnership today. It will provide you with romance, thrills and adventure, but whether it will be successful in its quest still remains to be seen. Help and support may come from completely unexpected sector. However, this opportunity will open up only for a short period of time. So, you need to be quick and decisive.

You thought you were all done hearing confessions from your friends since you’ve let them know that nothing can surprise you anymore. Suddenly, though, someone calls to reveal something new they feel guilty about — and now that you know, you may feel a little guilty, too. Trust your instincts, which have never let you down when things start to get weird.


It is vital that you put all the credence on your logical mind rather than on instinct which has proven to be not so dependable. This is a must when you are dealing with someone who is close to you but may be conspiring against you. You should not hesitate to take decisive action once you understand what your mind is telling you to do.

You’re entrusted with a secret — and not just by one person, either. At least two confidantes feel the need to connect with you about the same issue — which puts you in a rather difficult position. You’re usually up for a bit of intrigue, so expect some fun. Make sure there isn’t too much on your plate — you need some down time soon if you want to decompress!


You may have to trace back to the initial stages of few events. The cause for certain mishaps lay hidden in the roots. Your reputation in the eyes of others has suffered greatly because of this. It is very much necessary to be reserved and cautious in your approach lest people will try to be a hindrance in your quest.

You know quite well just how to make rules, follow them and delegate authority when need be. That goes double for rules that have already been tried out and found to be workable. A good example is ‘honesty is the best policy,’ which you usually find beyond reproach. Still, now and then it’s better to keep things under wraps. This might be one of those times — especially since your energy is working on something deeply private.


You are going to feel more dedicated today and you are going to finish off all the backlogs which may have accumulated today. Clearing this will give you a nice sense of accomplishment and this will be noticed by the people who matter to you. The result is that you will get more appreciation both at home and at your workplace.

Someone close has recently come to you for a favor — and being the local expert when it comes to friendship, your first impulse is to go for it. If you harbor even one tiny doubt about their motives, you need to get to the bottom of the matter quickly. This doesn’t mean you need to reconsider whatever it is they’ve asked you to do, or your friendship, just that some due diligence is essential.


Today you are determined to play the power game which may include fair and unfair means to achieve your goals. After getting cornered for a long time, a spurt of energy from the planets now may fill you with confidence. You may make decisions on the basis of your instincts and rest assured, none will laugh on your face.

There’s just one person who can give you the advice you need now — especially since it’s such an intimate, private matter! Track them down or at least give them a call. If you’re not sure of what to do, especially if it involves your reputation, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Think of how many times and how many ways you’ve helped them in the past, without ever being asked. Karma works on your behalf once again!







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