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You are likely to come across an unlikely experience today. It is not necessarily unpleasant, but it is likely to rattle you. It can bring about a radical change in your outlook. Do not be afraid to express your feelings, but this time is more suitable to put the emotional demands of the others ahead of those of your own.

Before answering that call, remember the big project you’re so wrapped up in right now. If your caller is the kind of person who either can’t let you get off the phone easily or may have an equally involved project they desperately need your help with, you can let it go to voicemail or find a way to distract them. Caller ID is your best friend today — if it’s not working, don’t answer!


Time to honor your commitments! This may require a lot of compromise with your fun and frolic but you have to do it if you do not want to let down others! Your imaginative capabilities may help you pursue your goal. Your progress will be huge since you are focused on humanitarian needs.

You’ve been doing some serious thinking lately, and you’ve got plenty to say — all of it quite intense! In fact, you may also be up for a bit of detective work, especially when it comes to an intimate relationship. That doesn’t mean that anyone has you right where they want you, necessarily. As is so often the case, you’re the one in the perfect position. If you want to play fair, you may want to mention that upfront.


Someone has been offering you constant and unwavering loyalty, help and support. Today, opportunities will arise for you to return some of the favour and express your appreciation. In so doing, you may have to take on a difficult situation, but this will ultimately strengthen your relationship. You need to be brave and assertive while displaying kindness and gratitude.

You love puzzles, but you also love intensity, depth, and drama — and maybe even melodrama, on occasion. This is one of those times, especially as it pertains to your closest relationships. If someone tries to get your feelings out of you, you may just give them a few unimportant details that lead them to think they’ve got it. It’s amazing how easy it is to direct the herd if you’ve got a good leader!


You may make new friends today and embark upon new excavations! Keep on believing in yourself as you have been doing always. This will help you to reach every goal you are passionate about. Ideal time to make plans for the future; however limit yourself when it comes to finances. Spend where required only!

A coworker or friend pulls you aside with a worried look on their face. They probably need your advice, counsel, and the benefit of your wisdom — not to mention one of your world-famous hugs! You can do an awful lot of good by sharing your experience. Once that’s done, however, don’t forget that you have a life of your own, complete with someone who wants to share a much bigger part of it.


Monotony is not your cup of tea. It bores you. Today be flamboyant and flirty. Bring change in your routine. Fitness regime may attract you. You may enroll for recreational activity. Out of the box ideas may impress superiors. You may get recognition in office. Overall a light and relaxed day. Work pressure will be moderate. You will spread positivity.

Even when one’s children (yours, maybe) start behaving more like short, ruthless dictators than divinely perfect darlings, they’re still lovable. If your kids — or your partner’s kids, or adults who are acting like kids — are acting up now, there’s just one thing to do: Call a babysitter. Put some distance between you and that sweet little cherub or chorus of angels. Even if all you do is sit in a parking lot listening to the car radio, you are sure to reclaim your cool.


You will form association with someone you find very entertaining. The day will pass away soon due to the lively conversations. Take this as an opportunity to learn and inspire from this fellow. It will also help you to be able to take an insight into other peopleメs psyche. Try to be a volunteer in making plans for family trips if you want to go to your desired place!

For now, it’s all about secrets — and deciding whether or not to let them out of the bag. Your mission is to be sure you’re sure about all the facts before you even think about opening your mouth. Once you do, you may not be able to close it as quickly as you’d like — and you definitely can’t take back anything said today, so proceed with your typical caution.


Be the first one to take the initiatives and you will be the first one to receive the credits. Just be a little careful of not over exerting yourself or pressing hard on certain issues of least relevance. Do not hurt others by blurting out something which they donメt like! They may irritate you unintentionally and without realizing even that they are actually doing it.

You may be torn between keeping one hundred percent silent and letting every pertinent fact become common knowledge. Your real dilemma, though, is deciding whether it’s more important to maintain your own authority or to please the one just above on the ladder. Once you’ve figured it all out, don’t waffle. Let the rest of the world play games — it should be fun to watch!


This day is particularly favourable for spending time with your family. Go for some bonding with your parents or sibling or enjoy a quiet time with your spouse. Get involved in a fun activity with your children. Even if work pressure threatens to mount, put them aside for today and celebrate the togetherness. You may be surprised at what you can learn from these family sessions.

You thought you were all done hearing confessions from your friends since you’ve let them know that nothing can surprise you anymore. Suddenly, though, someone calls to reveal something new they feel guilty about — and now that you know, you may feel a little guilty, too. Trust your instincts, which have never let you down when things start to get weird.


The time is ripe to take some bold steps. This is not the time to hesitate. Instead, decisive action is critical. Do not shy away from opportunities. A leap of faith at this time can dramatically alter your life for the better, though it may not seem so now. It is also time to re-evaluate old relationships and cut out the deadwood.ᅠ
If you remember your dreams today, make sure to write them down and think them through. If not, daydream a little to see where your heart goes. There’s a hot message coming your way from down deep.


News about financial gain may make you and your loved ones happy. There is a sense that things are positively turning around. You are pleasingly presentable. Go out and meet people. New opportunities will sprout from your associations which will prove beneficial in the long run. You may bring a change in your house either structurally or family wise.

You’ve got a special knack for making romantic decisions now, but it never hurts to consult with your closest friends, right? Get a little input in order to make truly informed choices.


You will be in a trusting and confiding mood today. The danger of this is you may end up confiding in a person who does not have your best interest at heart. So, be sure of the person before you unburden your soul to him or her. If you have been having a disagreement in the last few days ヨ whether at home or at work, today is a great day to extend the olive branch.

Work issues could be especially demanding now, or you may be preoccupied with larger life-path decisions. Give them the attention they deserve and let your romantic side evolve naturally.


You are full of imagination today. You may get a chance at work place to visit places. You shall reveal your romantic self today. It is a day to let yourself free for a while. You also need to show your practical self at work. You also display a good mood to your peers. Check your mailbox. An important mail may be waiting for you.

Avoid passivity now by consciously forcing yourself to make choices. Don’t just go along with the crowd or let friends or dates dictate your agenda — you have got to choose your own path!



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