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You are high in spirits and energy! Call up your friends and throw a party. Basking in the glory you may be careless towards the danger awaiting you in near future! Do not panic, it does not indicate harm from a person. Your health may get affected due to excess consumption of meals which your stomach cannot digest. So plan for a routine exercise and retain your pep for longer period of time!

You know that you really want to change, but are you sure about it, or thinking it because you’re bored or want to impress someone? Examine your motives more closely. You know things aren’t working as they should yet, but you may feel confused about how to change. Think about what you get out of this situation, then explore what you want that’s more than this. A mental shift is all you need to get rolling.


You are blessed with an amazingly clear vision today and you will be able to weigh long term benefits of your actions correctly. Hence, today is a good time to judge new ventures and investments which have come your way so that you can arrive at an objective decision. You will also be able to judge the persons near to you and identify who is your genuine well wisher.

You may not be quite as in touch with reality as you would like. While it fires up your creative side in a big way — and may inspire you to find a solution to an old problem — it’s not the best time for taking risks when it comes to love or money. No matter how certain some plan or a person may seem, jump in thoughtlessly is a sure route to regrets. Try to err on the side of caution!


Name and fame are on the cards today. You are also likely to make snap decisions based on your intuitions and feelings rather than logic, but they will turn out to be right on money. Your intuition is top notch now regarding any decision in your life, but you may have to sacrifice some comforts now in favour of long term goals.

You need to be more realistic about your relationships. While it may not be time to make waves when it comes to your personal life, some deep insights are coming your way that confirm your suspicion that you can’t anyone but yourself call the shots. Don’t limit yourself by letting your fears — especially your fear of rejection — dominate your thinking. Hone your patience so you’re better able to unleash the real you, and you should see your impact on the world grow quite a bit.


Today you will volunteer to maintain harmonious environments both at home and at the workplace. It will be an exciting experience and will amplify your motivation to work for peace. However do not reveal any private information to anyone and be prepared to digest the bitter truth in case you have to learn it!

Your enthusiasm is fierce today, but make sure you save some of it for later when you need to deal with a relationship that is way more complicated than it seems. It’s time to work through thorny problems and deal with freaky workplace issues, so make sure you bring that optimistic attitude wherever you go. Your sparkly personality might just rope some new pals (and interesting opportunities) into your life.


Today your ego takes you in its grasp as you may allow your ego to act and think. For this reason you may not see eye to eye with a person in power. Whether it will be good or bad is a thought that you have to carry. A word of advice, today listen to your head. Be tactful and diplomatic.

Has your search for love (or a renewed spark) come up empty? It’s time to stop looking and try to really figure out what you want from your relationships. Personal, romantic and professional relationships could all cause too much fuss right now, so it’s time to figure out what’s making it all tick, what you need from it and what you should put into it. Clear motives help resolve the tension.


Tangled relationship, conversations of double meanings and misunderstandings are the order of the day, but they will prove to be amusing rather than harmful. Do not worry about these. Instead, lighten up, step back and enjoy the comedy of errors that is going to happen all around you today. With a healthy dose of humour, the day can turn out to be very pleasant indeed.

You need to look at your possibilities and figure out a new way to deal with a recurring situation that has popped up once again. Your energy is pushing you hard to take a new look at old patterns and the ways in which they don’t work — and needlessly complicate your life! It may take practice, but it’s sure to be worth it when all is said and done.


Try to form partnerships with people of power and similar interests as well as those who complement your abilities. Few people are trying to influence you by giving false hopes but do not pay heed to what they say. Make your own judgments and adhere by it. You have been planning since long to buy a new house, may be you can own one this time!

Someone close doesn’t come through for you in quite the way you had hoped, and you’re almost certainly left feeling let down. If you’re unhappy with their words or deeds or feel that they were out of line, now is the time to change the way you deal with them. You don’t need to confront them right now, but don’t just sit on your feelings, either. It’s better for everyone to set boundaries that you can both learn to respect.


A person who has been around you for a long time but whom you have never really noticed will now begin to play a pivotal role in your mind. It is not just a budding romance. Rather, it is a meeting of mind and spirit that is likely to leave you feeling overwhelmed. Take time to get used to the idea because this person has come in your life to stay.

You need to stop analyzing because it’s time to act. You’re a creative phenomenon with talent to spare — and the ability to inspire. You can galvanize even the most lackadaisical into participating in your wild schemes with enthusiasm. Your people can see how awesome you are, so isn’t it time you saw it yourself? Big changes are on the way, and you can see that things are sure to improve.


The day will be marked by mood swings, but fortune will smile on you today. The downside of this is that you may begin to rely a little too much on Lady Luck. Take care that this does not lead to shoddy preparation for your projects. Material gains are likely, but try to guard against splurging unnecessarily. Your run of financial good luck is not going to last very long.

Routine tasks are almost never your cup of tea since your practical side can bore you to tears. Try to put off those day-to-day tasks until just a little later, or you may find that you lost track of where you dropped off those library books. Fortunately, your creative and psychic energy is enhanced, which makes you a bottomless well of ideas and information just when you need it most. Listen to what your soul is telling you.


Nobody realizes just how adventurous you really are since you’re so dependable every day. Surprise the world by shifting gears and throwing yourself into some bold new creative pursuit. Not all artists are flaky, you know, and not all reliable people lack imagination. You may be at a crossroads, unsure of which way to turn. Follow your gut — it may seem scary at first, but it should lead to more satisfaction (both spiritually and financially).


Experience is the best teacher and you need to get guided by it presently. Do not ignore the lessons of the past and save yourself from the sufferings it can cause in future. Try to help the needy people, be it children or be it aged ones! Doing this will help you walk the right path no matter how much you are getting deviated from it.

One of your most admirable qualities is your amazing tenacity, even under the toughest circumstances. Get ready for the big payoff to all your efforts, when your great energy lifts you up to a pinnacle of professional and romantic satisfaction. Enjoy all the praise coming your way and celebrations that may erupt in your honor. It really doesn’t get much better than this!


This is the perfect day to reassess the current situation of your life and prioritize your projects. If you have been lazing for some time now and letting work pile up, today, you will find an amazing surge of energy which will help you to organize your projects satisfactorily. This is the best time to discard those which are no longer useful and finish the others instead of starting a new project.

If you’ve been at the mercy of extreme highs and lows lately, it may feel like you’ve got emotional whiplash. Don’t ignore your moods — listen to what they’re telling you. These big emotions point toward a deep inner truth that you’ve been trying to avoid for too long. Events are forcing you to pay attention, whether you like it or not! Go easy on yourself and make the big decision before the universe makes it for you.







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