Convert an Android App to iOS or Vice Versa


Convert an Android App to iOS

Convert an Android App to iOS
Convert an Android App to iOS

The same mobile strategy is used by many companies: they are not ready to cover both iOS and Android at once, so start with one platform and then scale gradually. In certain instances, this occurs for these two reasons:

They either do not have sufficient resources at the same time to deploy an application on both platforms;
Or they are only playing with new consumer channels and are still not sure about the result.

But many of them get to the point some time later when upgrading their Android app to iOS is fair (or vice versa).

It looks like a familiar story, doesn’t it?

Many well-known start-ups and companies have also steadily increased. For instance:

Instagram was launched on iOS in 2010, and just 4 years later, people migrated the app to Android.

Reasons for Porting Android to iOS or Vice Versa that Help to grow your Business.

1: turn the entire planet into your prospective users – Both IOS and Android users cover the whole world mobile users.

2: Getting to new markets

3: provide greater profitability for yourself

4: two is better than one (IOS and Android)

Process of convert Android App to iOS

Step 1: Review App Requirements & Functionality

Step 2: Adjust Design for App Porting

Stage 3: Components for Tailor Coding and Architecture

Step 4: Proper App Test and Launch


It is a challenging job to bring the same Android app concept to an iOS app, but we meticulously manage the mission to perfection with Xtreem Solution experts. We map the UI/UX with the current Android App using the concepts of native iOS App creation.

Supporting Multi iOS System
Multi-screen and multi-operating system applications are available on iOS. For all devices such as iPhone iPad, our development experts ensure that the iOS App remains completely functional and feature rich.

Android’s Platform & Code Library
In order to build software, developers primarily use external elements and libraries. But it is important to check the software compatibility of the components when converting iOS to Android.

It is a well-known fact that iOS apps using Java or Kotlin are created using Swift and Android apps. It is not necessary to recompile the first code into the second one. However, the C code is used and supported by both platforms, so it can be ported under some conditions.

To sum up, it can surely be said that porting mobile applications can not be achieved in a few taps. All the attempts, however, are worth it!

Due to the reduced throat competition in the market, having a mobile app on both platforms is critical. It is a must to succeed in the market. One to six months can be the approximate time to port a mobile app.

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Convert an Android App to iOS | Convert an Android App to iOS | Convert an Android App to iOS | Convert an Android App to iOS

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