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At lightning speed, the world is inevitably evolving. The on-demand mobile apps are on hype with users seeking speed, convenience, and simplicity. Even, individuals now tend to have much of the stuff delivered at their door-step to sit at home as much as possible with the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

In 2020, mobile apps are projected to generate USD 188.9 billion in revenue from app stores and in-app ads, according to Statista’s report. For investors, startups, and entrepreneurs, this clearly illustrates an opportunistic dive. Not only do mobile apps improve the business economy, they even create goodwill for the same.

Top Demand App Ideas

1) Uber-like Apps for Traveling

With Uber and Airbnb, the age of on-demand apps has begun. No one wants to be left behind in this easy, opportunistic world, even for mere seconds. With the greatest success of the Uber app and taxi apps such as Lyft, Careem, the transport and logistics industry received a new direction in a very short time.

You can plan for the freight logistics app, taxi booking app, bus booking app, e-scooter app, and bicycles as well. The transport industry is huge. People who also want to travel would need means of travel that are readily available and within their budget. You can build your own targeted niche with some engaging features, such as live traffic checking, GPS navigator, no additional cancelation costs, rescheduling trips, via on-demand apps like Uber.

2) Pharmacy Delivery Apps

We are facing an enemy with COVID-19, which is completely invisible to our eyes. The only way we can beat it is as much as possible by remaining indoors. This is why there is a lot of demand now for pharmacy or drug distribution applications.

Only imagine you’ve got a headache. Will you like to go out to purchase drugs or send your loved ones out to get in touch with someone who is positive for COVID-19? In these times, startups for drug delivery can come forward.

3) Online Fashion Apps

What is one going to do if he is trapped in the office and has so much work that on her birthday he is unable to buy a gift for his wife? Simple is the answer! For all last-minute orders, fashion apps offer a one-stop destination.

The creation of eCommerce apps will get you a lot of visibility, such as Amazon. Fashion patterns will never stop.

Statista’s study reveals that 42 percent of customers enjoy shopping online. When individuals continue shopping online, this keeps the momentum going.

4) Health Apps

Day by day, people are becoming more aware of their wellbeing. But it is not possible for everyone to visit the gym or take yoga courses because of their busy schedule. Your app would be a convenient workout kit for them in this situation.

If you are looking to dive into the genre of health apps, catch your chance now. A never-ending field is the definition of “health” itself. A doctor consultation app, an informative app relating to major diseases, health and fitness regime apps, can be made.

There is a lot more to explore and such an on-demand app model will offer the company a lot of revenue and brand name.

5) MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) Apps

The days of paper invoices have gone and the plumber has been called a thousand times to repair a tube, running tap and electrical. With a MEP app, try something out of the box. As new to the on-demand sector, you will have greater opportunities to succeed.

You can build an on-demand MEP app that measures pipes, fix electrical faults and water flow details, or for more reliable and accurate results, you can review the various systems.

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