Al Faham Chicken – Arabic


Al Faham Chicken ­Arabian grilled chicken could be a in style geographic region dish ready with chicken marinated in Arabian spices referred to as Bezar.

Ingredients :
Turmeric Powder : one tsp
Red chilly Powder : a pair of tbsp or
Dry Red Chillies : four nos (use per your spice preference) Coriander Powder or Coriander Seeds : one tbsp
Fennel Seeds : one tsp
Cumin Seeds : one tsp
Whole Black Pepper : one tbsp
Green Cardamom : four nos
Cloves : four nos
Cinnamon Stick : a pair of in.

For Marination :

Whole Chicken : one or
Chicken Thighs or Drumstick : four items (with skin or while not skin as per your choice)
Garlic : four cloves or
Garlic Paste : one tbsp
Ginger : one in. or Ginger Paste :1 tbsp
Lemon Juice : a pair of tbsp
Hung yoghurt or Greek yoghurt : one cup
Black Pepper Powder : one tsp
Salt to style
To Grind beside Arabian Spice Powder/Bezar :
Onion : one medium size
Tomato : one little
Green Chillies : 3­4 nos
Olive oil : one tsp
Coriander leaves : few Salt to style

How to build :
Arabian Spice combine / home-brewed Bezar Spice Mix:

  1. Dry roast on top of listed Arabian Spice combine/Bezar Spice Mix ingredients except turmeric powder at low flame for five minutes. take away from the fireplace and permit to cool down utterly.
  2. Grind it finely along within the coffee mill or mixer.(Note : you’ll be able to prepare Arabian spice combine/Bezar spice mix in bulk and store it in a very dry, air tight instrumentation and use as needed, however contemporary masala style too sensible otherwise you will use store bought masala too)
    Al Faham Chicken ­ Arabian Grilled Chicken :
  3. Wash, clean chicken and turn over 4­6 items. build silts over the chicken items.
  4. infuse the clean chicken by adding, juice, decorated yoghurt/greek yogurt, one tsp of ginger paste or ½ in. piece crushed, one tsp of garlic paste or a pair of cloves of garlic crushed and one tsp of black pepper for twenty minutes.
  5. Dry roast on top of listed Arabian spice combine/Bezar spice mix ingredients except turmeric powder at low flame for five minutes. take away and permit to cool down utterly.
  6. Grind on top of cooked spices beside turmeric powder onion, tomato, inexperienced chillies remaining ginger ­ garlic and coriander leaves to a swish paste.
  7. Pour this grounded Arabian masala mixture onto the chicken items and blend well, in order that all chicken items area unit well coated with the paste.
  8. cowl and leave it in icebox for atleast 4­6 hours or nightlong. (Note : a lot of you infuse higher the style. For best result infuse nightlong within the refrigerator; in order that all the flavors can get into it.) take away the chicken from the icebox a minimum of half-hour before change of state.
  9. This Al Faham Chicken is also grilled or cooked or baked.
    To Grill :
  10. If employing a charcoal grill, prepare a fireplace for direct ­heat change of state. Position the grill rack five inches from the fireplace. enable the coals to burn till white ash covers them and therefore the heat is moderate.
  11. take away the chicken from the marinade, pressing gently to extract excess marinade, and brush with vegetable oil. Place the chicken items on a well ­oiled grill rack and; grill, covered, with the vents open, turning 3­4 times, thirty to forty five minutes or till the juices run clear once a bit is cut close to the bone with a knife. To Bake & Roast :
  12. If cookery, heat the kitchen appliance to five hundred degrees F. Place associate degree foil on a baking receptacle, brush with vegetable oil and place the marinated chicken and bake for 10­15 minutes; cast off the receptacle fastidiously victimisation your kitchen appliance mitts. flip them over and baste it with marinade employing a brush or a spoon, come to kitchen appliance and bake once more for 10­15 minutes till the juices run clear, once baking, modification the kitchen appliance setting to broil in high and broil it for concerning a pair of minutes once more turning the edges in between or till the juices run clear once a bit is cut close to the bone with a knife. enable to rest for five minutes before serving.
  13. Serve hot Al Faham with Khuboos (Arbian bread), or with any Indian Bread and with lemon wedges, dish of your alternative and hammus or as appetizers…Enjoy!

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