NDTV India

NDTV TV (New Delhi Television Ltd.) is a news company launched in 1988 by Radhika Roy. NDTV India is part of NDTV, and NDTV India was launched in 2003. This channel is headed by Ravish Kumar(Managing Editor). The top TRP show is ‘PRIME TIME’ hosted by Ravish Kumar. BJP often criticizes this channel for showing news against Modi government. Ravish Kumar is also tagged as anti-Modi. Even he received death threats by some people for criticizing Modi government, but he is consistently working with NDTV. Recently, Ravish Kumar won 2019 Raman Magsaysay Award for his journalism.

NDTV was founded in 1988 as a content provider for DD News, producing a show called ‘The World This Week’. But since then it has turned into a major media house with its channels covering more than just news.

NDTV currently has 4 channels and 1 live mobile channel app. Not only has that managed to get that a much wider audience when compared to the other channels on this list, but also build a perfect media house for that audience to explore; they have managed to form an NDTV ecosystem. NDTV, having a lost history, has had and currently has notable journalists, ranging Barkha Dutt to Ravish Kumar.

However, with this popularity and prestige also comes its fair share of controversies. Despite having been a part of multiple controversies, NDTV has been an unbiased media house for the most part and is always lauded for its stance against the current ruling party.

Republic TV being far-right and NDTV being center-left have had their inconspicuous rivalry over opinions and the way of presenting the news, thus remaining each other’s competitors in the sphere.