Man arrested for stabbing younger brother to death in Kasaragod


By Express News Service

KASARAGOD: A family feud between two siblings ended in the murder of the younger brother in Badiadka on Saturday, said the police. The deceased is Muhammed Nizar, 33, of Mugu in Badiadka. The Badiadka police arrested Nizar’s elder brother Mohammed Rafeeq, 45, for the murder. 

The two brothers never got along, said their neighbours. Over the years, Nizar drifted into small crimes and his elder brother used to taunt him for the several criminal cases against him. Badiadka police said Nizar faces charges of housebreaking and burglary in Manjeshwar police station. Recently, the two brothers fought and Nizar ousted the elder brother from the house. 

But soon after, he was arrested and remanded in custody. “When the younger brother went to prison, Rafeeq returned home,” said an investigating officer in Badiadka. When Nizar came out of the prison and found Rafeeq in the house, the two brothers fought again.

On Saturday, when the two clashed again, Rafeeq took a kitchen knife and allegedly stabbed Nizar multiple times, said the officer. Nizar’s killing is the third murder in Kasaragod in the past five days. All three murders were the fallout of family feuds.

On Tuesday, a daily wage labourer Arun Kumar, 25, was arrested for killing his wife Sumitha H, 23, in Bedadka panchayat. On Thursday, Chandera police arrested Janaki, 55, her nephew Rajesh and another relative Anil for kiling her husband Pathanath Kunhambu, 66, in Pilicode panchayat. 

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